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Hello guys,


in arma 3 there is an already opened issue.

The issue is that a linux headless client (HC) which is connected to a linux game server gets kicked for signature timeout after some time.

The command line parameter -cpucount=1 passed at HC start can extend the time until it gets kicked from some minutes (without cpucount=1) to some hours. In my case the HC gets kicked after nearly exact 3 1/2 hours.


I wrote a script at my linux machine which reconnects the HC after it was kicked within a minute.


Now the problem.

I m editing a domination map created by Xeno to implement some minor features.

I want that features executed at HC if it is connected.


I know that I can detect HC with

if (!isNil "HC_D_UNIT") then
 _hc_present = true;

Where HC_D_UNIT is the name of the HCs game logic.


What Xeno did in his d_init.sqf is something like that:

if (isNil "HC_D_UNIT") then
 HC_D_UNIT = _this;

_this represents the server which means if I try to detect the HC as mentioned above then _hc_present is always true because it points to the server now.


I think Xeno did that to ensure that all work which is thought to be done by HC should be done by server if HC is not connected until a timout.


I wont change Xenos code cause i dont know what depends on it.

What I need now is another method to detect if the HC is present or not.


Thank you for any advise.

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I thought about it again and i think i ve a workaround but one question remains.


My solution would be to rename the game logic to HC_D_UNIT2


then I could check the HC_D_UNIT2 for a present HC and link it to Xenos HC_D_UNIT:


if (!(isNil "HC_D_UNIT2") and !(isNull HC_D_UNIT2)) then 
 _hc_present = true;
 HC_D_UNIT = owner ServerObject; // any object hosted by server
 _hc_present = false;

With that code I can switch Xenos HC_D_UNIT between Server and my HC and I could detect if HC is present and store it in _hc_present.


But will that work?

Especially the if then condition.
The question is, will the game logic now named HC_D_UNIT2 change to Null if the HC gets disconnected?


Thank you for any help.

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