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RP Project | Life done right | 100% Custom Framework | Modded

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RP Project

What is your life?







Sick of the normal servers that are found dotting the ArmA life space? Sick of getting gunned down by civilians and cops alike? Do you want to experience what actual roleplay is? We have named ourselves the Roleplay Project for a simple reason, we are here to roleplay. An immersive, realistic and fun experience trumps all else. Come roam the streets and start a business, or maybe run a gang. Join the Sheriff's Office and be a LEO in the best ran department on ArmA. Maybe saving lives is more your speed? Our state of the art Emergencies Services Unit is there for you. 


Stop settling for anything left than the best, and join us today. 



  • 100% In-house built mission framework
  • Seasoned Administrators(No Children!)
  • Expertly ran Police and EMS
  • Custom modpack coming soon!


Join us for a new era of ArmA life, one where actual roleplay is the focus. 

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