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3DEN - Combo box is wrong when value = 0

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There is a problem with the combo/dropdown box in the 3d editor

Cfg3DEN >> Attributes >> Combo


Any multi option that has a `class values` entry with a value of 0 will return -1 instead


To Reproduce:

Place a ModuleTaskCreate_F, sync to player

Set owner as "Synchronized objects only" (value = 0)

The module does not work.

Check (moduleVariable getVariable "owner" = -1) 

Unbinned SQM also shows `value=-1;`


Check a3\3den\UI\Attributes\Combo.hpp



    if (isnumber (_x >> 'value')) then {
        _ctrlCombo lbsetdata [_lbadd,str getnumber (_x >> 'value')];
        _ctrlCombo lbsetvalue [_lbadd,-1];


    if (_return == 0) then {
        _return = _ctrlCombo lbvalue lbcursel _ctrlCombo

So if value = 0, _return will initially be 0 but be switched to the lbValue of -1



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