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Like realism? Like organized gameplay? But you hate the yes sir no sir nonsense? Well, APAC Gaming is for you! 


We’re an Asia Pacific community founded in 2015. With members from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia. 


Our goal is to offer realistic missions and avoid following military doctrines for the sake of following it. Rather, we’re trying to get a group of mature people to play together tactically but we’re not trying to start a new military unit for people around the region. 


Here are some of the mods we use:
+ Arma3Sync
+ ACE 
+ BAF stuff
.... and many more!


Here are some of the servers we have:
- Liberation on Public
- Unsung server (Vietnam War mod)
- Training Server (To test out realism mods and also test certain vehicles out)
- Alive Server (Where realism mission takes place) 


What we offer: 
+ Our website: https://www.apac-gaming.com
+ Teamspeak server ts.apac-gaming.com
+ ALIVE Realism Missions: Dynamic Realism Missions on huge maps like Isla Duala, Sahrani etc.
+ Community Missions: End Game (PVP), Organized Liberation.
+ TS Support for other games: 
+ Comprehensive Mod Pack and supporting mods for ArmA 3
+ We don’t expect commitment every single week. 
+ Stability and prestige
+ No military rank structure. We only use it to keep track of new recruitments.
+ We use brotherhood of steel ranks. Scribes, Knights and Paladins!
+ Tactical and organized gameplay


+ Must have a working copy of Arma 3
+ Must have Teamspeak
+ Working Microphone
+ Age 17+ (Can be considered if you are younger, just apply)
+ Must be active once every 2 weeks! (If you are busy with work, we understand!)
+ 100% Maturity



So what are you waiting for? You don’t have to salute anymore or cringe at milsim groups.

Apply here @ https://apac-gaming.com/index.php?/forms/&%2Fforms%2F=

Or send a message to Keith at https://www.apac-gaming.com







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