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Company Quebec [New unit, Experienced leaders][English]

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Company Quebec


This community is where there is no "yes sir, no sir" system. Everyone is considered equal. We want a so called serious fun experince were we aim for perfection but in a more fun way. We're an international clan that will be playing on EU timezones, but that doesn't mean that people from NA should not consider applying.  


We're aiming qualities such as in our operations:


-PvP & PvE oriented, as a member your expected to attend both sides.


- 1st person only


- Low powered scopes, we aim to have infantry men equipped with something that brings balance in PvP enviroment as well.


-PvP enviroment will be heavily focused on TvT aspect, KOTH/Wasteland type deals are off the table.


- Single life, with a respawn system & spectate mode. We aim to have that realism aspect in that if you're fatally wounded, you will die. We've modified our medical module so that there's a chance that you go unconcious and a medic will be needed to revive you, otherwise if you die, you'll be prompted to a spectate mode and you'll await for respawn which is controlled by the Zeus.


-Fun factor in a realistic setting, this is first and foremost a game. We expect that your enjoying your time here rather than having flashbacks of Afghanistan & Iraq.


We have fixed slots in squads but not hard fixed. If you want to play something else, then you can aslong as you dont take another persons fixed slot that him/her are going to play in that game. Example: Alpha squad has 2 missing, Johnson usually plays the AR in Alpha Squad, he can ask his SL if he can be apart of the AT team this mission. Example 2: Alpha squad has everyone participating, Johnson & Tyler ask their SL if they can take Roger & Adams spot for the AT team, Roger & Adams need to say it's okay for them to slot into it.


We accept feedback & suggestions on community structure from members, but we don't offer company leadership positions to non-military experienced members. With company leadership positions we mean rules and how to community are going to progress. You will still be able to play as a squad leader or a platoon leader.


At a base we are an infantry community focusing on warfare as a whole so we aim to play with vehicles and aircrafts. That said, we are not going to be using heavy units like attack helicopters and tanks that often because of balancing. Situations may occur where we field as a tank battallion for example.


Age limit is 18. Exceptions can be made but then a current member must recommend you.


You are expected to participate in atleast 2-3 dedicated operation monthly but real life always comes first. If real life does come first, we expect to be informed via forums / pms. Forums is the most preferred way.


Recruitment process:


-Fill in the application on our website (http://companyquebec.enjin.com/home) // If you have problems on filling out your application feel free to join our teamspeak for assistance.


-Join our Teamspeak ( for a short interview.


- If your accepted, we'll teach you the ropes of how we do things within this unit. (If there's something that we noticed that you already know, we'll skip it and move along to something that your not familiar with)


-Trial period is 2 weeks long, under that time, you'll be evaluated further.

-Once two weeks is over you are promoted to PVT


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