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dr death jm

locality , (on with my sqs) fixes need some help

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ok, so running a mp mission test with a few players , everything ran smooth,

I noticed some makers blinked of sides makers (cap area) and some didn't

.but the error issue I did see is after getting to enemy base I hacked into there tank factory to build (a tank) to inflict damage on there base. 

as it did work I ended up with makers errors .. of my tank in suspecting..

somewere in my mission I don't think ai or players sides are being defined or maybe there makers?

like I said all works good till I build tank with ai at enemy base...


if anyone wants  to help or see the challeng, pm me I will upload mission.

you wont regret helping .. the mission is awesome as is.. but as I'm updating arma3 fnc and commands (its getting better).


this is for rts3, rtsV is on rest for me at the moment, (zen has been building a new system for rtsV).

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