Hi there!   I was initially looking to load the Virtual Arsenal while a player is in the spawn menu so that he can choose his gear with a nice visual interface. I found out that the Zeus mode has the feature to create and populate the Inventory menu with loadouts created by the Zeus player, but only for Zeus, not for all players.   What I want to do now is the following: User connects to the server and gets the respawn and inventory menus. I successfully implemented:
respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive", "MenuPosition", "Tickets", "Wave", "MenuInventory"}; Inventory menu is populated with standard loadouts defined in my mission (if possible, a button to load the Virtual Arsenal would be nice, if not a simple ammo crate after respawn will do the trick) If the user saved one or more loadouts in Virtual Arsenal, import them into the Menu Inventory for the next respawn of this player (ideally only the ones created on the actual server to limit incomplete loadouts due to server/mission restrictions) I have looked for the last 5 hours through multiple sources and forums to find something similar, without luck. Note that I am just (re)starting to script and make missions for ArmA. I stopped after Cold War Crisis started to get old in... what... 2004? (ARMA NEVER GETS OLD!!! I know... shame on me)   I have found a thread (BI Virtual Arsenal and BI respawn. Playing nicely together?) dealing about automatically restoring the previously selected loadout at respawn and somehow revive with the last known loadout (if you threw a grenade you shouldn't be magically revived with a new nade!)... I think I'll be forced to look at that at some point.   What do you think? Would that be possible? I am willing to invest some time to get this working for my mission project.       I want to implement this "per player virtual arsenal loadout" in a sort of "mission template" I am currently trying to build   This mission preset would be similar to "Rush" in Battlefield Less arcade than the mode in BF but still letting players respawn on squad leaders and respawn points to bring fast paced action to ArmA multiplayer The mission has multiple steps like "Rush" but every objective has an impact on ressources of the defending or attacking team The ultimate goal is to create a mission template that can be more or less easily modified by : moving the mission on the map modifying it's size (distance between the objectives) copying it over to another island changing objectives (destroying a weapons cache in a building, stealing or destroying a fuel truck, holding a zone, stealing documents) changing the impact an action has on objectives (stealing the fuel truck gives your team access to a tank previously out of fuel, or destroying it to easily cut off their tank which is already low on fuel, restricting access to special weapons because a weapon cache has been taken out...) In short I want to make ArmA accessible to more casual people and show them what they miss out not being able to create their own content, making it easyer for them to discover and adapt to the deep gameplay mechanics possible with this game.