I use Firedaemon to start and stop servers and I use the Firedaemon pre-service feature to validate/update files before the server launches using steamcmd. Recently I wanted to try a COOP scenario from the steam workshop which required several workshop mods and I assumed that there would be a  way to get the server to download the workshop scenario so that if an update came out, the server could be restarted and it would automatically download the workshop content updates.   So, does anyone know how to do this? I've tried playing with the commands listed here: https://github.com/dgibbs64/SteamCMD-Commands-List/blob/master/steamcmdcommands.txt   And so far, the most promising result I had was using "workshop_download_item  107410 453577279" where 107410 is the AppID for Arma 3 on steam and 453577279 is the workshop content ID of some random arma 3 mod/addon. (the content ID is the number at the end of the workshop mod URL). Unfortunately it didn't seem to download anything but it does update the following files:   ..steamcmdfolder..\steamapps\workshop\appworkshop_107410.acf and I see erorrs in ..steamcmdfolder..\logs\content_log.txt which look like this: 2016-02-09 18:58:14] Warning! Deleted corrupt manifest file "..\SteamCMD\..\depotcache\107410_33xxxxxxxx267.manifest".   I know that for the game Insurgency, you can easily install workshop content to the server by creating a text file called subscribed_file_ids.txt in the server folder and just add the workshop content IDs to it. Is there a way to do this in Arma 3 or am I wasting my time?