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Activate a script with condition : presence of objects in a box

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Not a good scripter because i begin, i work actually to find this :


a script or init command to launch a script when some objects are present in a box.


The idea : the idea is to bring four objects in a box, or another container, and launch a event.


Wich syntax use (to put in the init of a maker by example)



Conditions of the trigger






On Activation

[this] execVM "event.sqf";



I have many very good ideas for mods or scenarios but i need some experience and practice in syntax

I'd like work in team if some people are interesting. Need map and buildings creators. French is better for me but english is possible.

Actually work on Chernarus+ ambient and scenario.

in waiting RRW mod


Thx for help


Edit : i try something with getWeaponCargo...


_check = getWeaponCargo Box1

if (_check = [["Weapon_arifle_MX_F"],[1]]) then

    hint "ca marche";


Edit 2 : I'd like to put some object like engine or battery but getweapon is not the best way ....

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