Coming This Fall -    - Significantly improved ECM script that has performance values based on my SAM Pack missiles.  Default missiles are easier to spoof than certain newer technology missiles (as found in my SAM pack).  Reworking the ECM script to run more than 2x per mission/reload.  Automatic jamming/spoofing when TRD is deployed.    - Physx!  Finally working WITH physx thanks to Jets DLC improvements.   - Jets DLC sensors and additional aircraft performance values   - Jets DLC dynamic loadouts!  Pre-set "multirole" loadout   - Working laser designation via LANTIRN pod.  LANTIRN pod is configurable via dynamic loadouts, not a part of the 3D model.   - Additional weapons for a more rounded loudout including IRIS SRAAM, ASPIDE (AIM-7 derivative), Brimstone DM (dual mode), Mk82-HD (High Drag), AGM-88.  AGM-88 DOES home in w/o radar but the distances are shorter than expected.  This will be refined further in the future.   - Weapons use new sensor values and those with animated components like the SCALP-ER AGM wings, and Mk82-HD ballute, are animated in real time.  No more "popup" model switching for those weapons... the wings, ballutes, etc. all animate in-game w/ new Jets DLC animation settings for better visuals.   - Several minor improvements to the visual LOD's, including additional "NO STEP" decals on canards, some fixes for reversed or missing decals.   - Improved Geo LOD's, including Jets DLC dynamic damage including flame-outs and damaged control surfaces   - Corrected improper blue-purple afterburner effect to the realistic yellow-orange flame effect.   - Now inherits from Jets DLC "mashup F-18" to take advantage of improved flight model characteristics.  Seems to handle VERY well in a dogfight vs. the Jets DLC "mashup flanker".

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////   TO-DO:    - Continue refinement of weapon sensors config    - Clean up flight model some more    - Add Jets DLC new ejection settings    - Release the update...   Pinaz, if you're out there... any improvements to add to the model?     ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   ADDITIONAL:  Pics of the ECM script in action. The "wiggling" is the missile being sent off-course, and attempting to course-correct back to the target.  ECM script does NOT build a magic missile shield around the plane.  A certain percentage of jamming attempts will be "burned through" by the on-board radar of the missiles, to different amounts of success depending on multiple factors.  You CAN still be hit by even a vanilla missile even when the ECM script is running (e.g. when the TRD is deployed).  You have a higher chance of survivability vs. vanilla or "legacy" SAM's (think SA2) which diminishes significantly vs. newer SAM's such as SA22, SA20, etc.   9K331 (SA-15) vs. EF2000  

MIM-23 vs. EF2000
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