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Carrier Strike Group Eleven: U.S Navy milsim - Enlist today

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CSG-11 is based around the U.S.S Nimitz. Aboard the ship we have Carrier air wing eleven(CVW-11) we have nine squadrons, four of which are F/A-18s.

Who are we?: We are a dedicated Navy group that are trying to simulate the U.S. Navy.

What we do: We try to display Carrier ops as realistic as we can, which is our main focus in the unit, but we are trying to push more into enlisted jobs.

Time zone: U.S.A and Canada

Mods: we have a custom mod pack which is around 4gb

Operation/Training days: Training is on Friday @ 9PM eastern and Ops are on Saturday at
8PM eastern

Age limit: 15, but we make exceptions

Jobs in the Unit:

-Naval aviator (helicopter and Fixed wing)
-Naval flight offficer (F/A-18F)
-Helicopter crew
-Air boss
-Mini boss
-Flight deck officer (Yellow shirt)
-SAR swimmer
-Enlisted Sailor
-Air operations commander
-Assistent air operation commander
-Command staff
-Enlisted deck crew
-Boat crew

Squadrons in CVW-11

-VFA-146 (F/A-18C)
-VFA-147 (F/A-18E)
-VFA-154 (F/A-18F)
-VMFA-323 (F/A-18C)
-VAW-121 (E-2C Hawkeye)
-VAQ-142 (EA-18 Growler)
-VRC-30 (C-2 Greyhound)
-HSC-6 (MH-60S)
-HSM-75 (MH-60R)

Website: http://csg11.net/forums/


Promotional video:



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