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Adding ammo to a tanks main gun

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Hello, I've hit a wall it seems when trying to change the ammunition loadout of a tank. What I'm trying to do is change the loadout of a T-72 from the RHS tank pack. I wanted to only have HEAT and HE-FRAG rounds, no SABOT and ATGMs, for the main gun. I've tried this "removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm42_10", [0]];" to get rid of the SABOT ammo, and this addMagazineCargo ["rhs_mag_3of26_6", [2]]


However, when I start the game, the SABOT ammo is still there, and it doesn't have any extra HE rounds. The HE rounds show up in the inventory of the tank, but are unusable. I'm trying to give this tank a special loadout for urban combat, so it doesn't need ATGMs and SABOT.


Any ideas how to get this to work?


Basically the T-72 has a magazine of SABOT, a magazine of HEAT, a magazine of HE-FRAG, and a magazine of ATGMs. I want it to only have 2 magazines of HE-FRAG, and 2 magazines of HEAT.


Thank you.



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I've tried this "removeMagazinesTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm42_10", [0]];" to get rid of the SABOT ammo, and this addMagazineCargo ["rhs_mag_3of26_6", [2]]

Errors in red. Corrected code is:

this removeMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm42_10", [0]];
this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3of26_6", [0]];

That said, there are other issues.


You need to call the correct magazine sizes. By default, the T-72B 1984-89 series are loaded with 7-round 3BM42 mags and five-round 3OF26 mags, so the correct code would be:

this removeMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm42_7", [0]];
this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3of26_5", [0]];

So, to obtain the desired result of only 2 mags each of HEAT and HE-frag, you would want this:

this removeMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bm42_7", [0]];  //remove sabot
this removeMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_9m119_4", [0]];  //remove ATGM
this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3bk18m_6", [0]];  //add HEAT
this addMagazineTurret ["rhs_mag_3of26_5", [0]];  //add HE-frag

The next problem is RHS itself. RHS changes the way many things work under the hood, so you'll find that some odd behavior is produced.


The gun is unloaded at game start. As a result, you can select your first round. This is actually a cool effect, as by default, you would normally have a sabot round loaded at start.

Reload times seem to be significantly increased.

Round counts are wonky. Adding tank ammo in vanilla Arma 3 results in weird round count behavior as well, but in a different way. At any rate, you do get all of your rounds, but it can be confusing as you can't really tell how many rounds you have left just by looking at the counter.


I have to assume that there is a correct way to do all of this this within the RHS framework, but I do not know what it might be. I would recommend asking in either the Editing and Scripting forum:




...or in the RHS topic:  



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