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Looking for a Altis Life Dev - Possible a Life Mod in the future

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Myself and a friend are currently looking for an experienced developer to aid in the development of an Altis Life server and in the future perhaps a Life Mod




What will be required


1) Implement New Scripts (New shops, edit shops)

2) Familiar with editing servers using Remote Connect on a Virtual Dedicated Server (Setting up the SQL database as well as experience editing within an FTP)

2) Add Custom Skins for Players and Vehicles

3) Modify the Altis Map to resemble the United Kingdom (Speed markers, Road markers, etc)

4) It would also be great if you can make custom scripts to be implemented into the Mission File

5) Modify the map to add : Training grounds for Police, Custom Areas for Rebels

6) Implement an military option for civilians to join, for example cutting off a part of the map to be controlled by an anti-police military.


Our idea for the server


Our basic idea for the Altis Life server is a UK themed, Strict Roleplay. For example Police will only carry lethal weapons if they have the correct training etc. For the time being we believe it is best to have no Mods to hoepfully create a playerbase so that in the future we can start using Mods to make the Server more unique.




  • Unfortunately we can not offer any real world payment in exchange for your services

Extra Information


  • Currently we do not have a Teamspeak server, however in the very near future we will have one, as well as a website
  • A list of features that we want added to the server is now currently being made and will be given to the developer when complete
  • The Virtual Dedicated Server will be hopefully  purchased within the next few weeks



If you believe that you are able to help us out feel free to add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/theom9/and we can discuss there.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Theo,


As someone who isn't very interested in the life scene, I've got some feedback if you still plan on looking for assistance.


You don't appear to have anything to offer, you don't even mention credit. If someone wanted to achieve the above or could, they would do it themselves. You also don't seem to have anything stable currently, which, again, is decreasing your chances of someone wanting to join your cause.

I'd suggest offering some degree of incentive instead of just asking someone to do all the heavy lifting for you.
If you had for example offered to split the workload with however assisted you and then the two of you would run whatever aspect that would appeal to some, sometimes, just offering credit to their work or if you were a large community already it would drive people to want to assist.



In regards to the life server scene, without crashing your party, in my honest opinion, anyone who wants to play on a life server already has their little place, and, unless ArmA goes on sale soon or you do something VERY VERY different to other life servers, establishing a player base will be a difficult task as new players to life servers will want to join other servers that HAVE players on them, thus repeating the cycle.

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