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Respawn template issue

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I am having an issue with a respawn template. I have this in my description.ext file and it had been working fine, but I think since the last update (I am using stable branch) when you die/become incapacitated underwater, you don't actually become incapacitated, as in you have the message on screen that you are, but you can still swim about and shoot (but can't use mouse scroller). A friendly player is also still able to revive you, so message goes from screen and mouse scroller options comes back. Anyone else experienced this?  Like I said this used to work fine underwater with no issues and still works fine on land.

respawn = 3;
respawnDialog = 1;
respawnDelay = 10;
respawnTemplates[] = {"Revive","MenuPosition"};
respawnOnStart = -1;

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