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Helicopter General BUT Essential Improvements

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I suggest you go grab that mod, get in a UAZ, put rain at absolute full and turn on the wipers. Then be amused at how much it does NOT improve your vision.


Thanks for the suggestion 

That'd be cool. BUT then you have the issues of the side doors being entry/exit points on some vehicles, so you'd need an extra "get out via ramp" option.


Well, hope something like this happens sometime


I'm sure that 90% of all the ARMA pilots don't want to go through a startup sequence


I dont think so but ok. I believe the startup procedure would be nice as an optional feature included in the helicopter dlc. Nobody would be "harmed" in such a case

I really think they need to fix the way the choppers react to joystick's first. I still can't believe how poor the throttle and stick response is after all these years. in AFM it's better, but in standard it's horrible.


I wouldnt know because I only play with the AFM

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