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[Resource] WW4 and WW4 Extended models and textures

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WW4 resources

These are all the MLODs and textures released by Sanctuary, originally made public separately and now compiled in a single 7zip file.



WW4 MLODs and textures compilation



All these resources are public domain. No credit is required, although it'd be appreciated.






WW4 Extended resources

Here is almost everything used in v1.1 of WW4 Extended. The only things you won't find are the models that aren't explicitely public domain or that I'm able to share for one reason or another (middle east units, zils, BTRs, BMDs...) and the vehicle texture masters. With that said, if there's still something that shouldn't be there please let me know and I'll reupload the zip files with those models removed. Note that the texture masters are in GIMP format (.xcf).



WW4 Extended v1.1 MLODs

WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures

WW4 Extended v1.1 Infantry textures for Cold War and Arctic



Use them at will, as long is in an Arma game (there's the ported Arma vehicles there, and those have that restriction). No credit is required, although it'd be appreciated.



Sancturay - Base models and textures for infantry units

kenoxite - Models and textures for anything not credited below (including the porting to OFP of the Arma 1 and 2 vehicle models)

Bohemia Interactive - Original OFP, Arma 1 and Arma 2 models of the ported vehicles

Macser - Desert 5t trucks

Offtime, Jack, Agent Smith, FAB, Alderous - BRDM-2

Apocalypse83 - Desert retexture of BIS vehicles

krzychuzokecia - National Army units

ivosm - Unit textures afghan era

SomerenV, Rusty and other members of the facepunch.com community - Digital Flora and other russian camo patterns

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As someone who loves WW4/WW4 EXT and is a utterly dreadful 3D modeller, this is the best thing. Thanks for releasing this stuff!

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