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PSZ: Polskie Sily Zbrojne (Polish Armed Forces)

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The time has come. We present to you upcoming update of PSZ: Polish Armed Forces mod 0.9. Are you ready?

Meanwhile we are running a public PSZ discord here:

Kind regards,


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Hello virtual soldiers! 

Welcome back after a short break - we would like to proudly present to you our newest release, refreshed and adjusted to current ArmA 3 standards - PSZ: Polish Armed Forces.








Keep in mind, this version (listed as v0.9) is still a BETA release and as such, it doesn't contain all the content we initially wanted to deliver. And even though this release brings quite a few novelties, we’re aware that most of you were anxious to drive a properly-modelled, well-made KTO Rosomak - and therefore we’re happy to deliver you the most realistic portrayal (both from the outside and the insides*, given limited information availability and engine limitations) of said Rosomaks: including driving physics, armour (well, there will be a small fix in that regard) or FCS (Fire Control System). We’re proud from the metamorphosis this project has gone through and are happy that’ll you’ll be able to finally play this awesome new version.




Steam Workshop


Together with the PSZ update, we are fully transitioning to the Steam workshop. From now on, the mod will be distributed only through Steam Workshop. New release also brings new, optional compatibility addons for popular RHS and ACE projects. 




In addition to our great Polish Army, we also present you our new PSZ: OP4. This modification adds to the game factions of opponents with random equipment: Islamic State Army (ISA) and Robbers ("Looters") in several "geographical" versions (eg Europe, Africa, etc.). 





doesn't need any additional mods, but can automatically use the armament added into the game by PSZ and RHS mods, as long as these mods are loaded into.

More so, PSZ: OP4 also offers civilian factions, also sorted by geographical regions. 


PSZ: Missions

We’ve also prepared and included with the mod a set of scenarios both for single player and for coop mode, so that you can enjoy our heavily-upgraded mod in action 😊




It’s worth noting that newer releases will expand the amount and scale of missions.


PSZ: Jasło

Jasło is a new in-game terrain modelled after it’s real counterpart in south-eastern Poland that we’ve created. The version you will find on Steam (yes, it's still a BETA) covers an area of sixty-four square kilometers and you will find several villages, large forests, three rivers and a modern, large city we tried to portray as realistically as possible (given the engine limitations) , with architecture, style and size of the real city.

Please note that this is still a development version. We are currently working on improving the areas we already have, such as replacing placeholder villages with polished and hand-tuned spots (which will sadly require mission reworks as the countryside areas get updated - mission makers keep that in mind!), complete forestal areas overhaul, new terrain surfaces and so on. At the same time, we are also expanding the area of the map, so instead of 64 square kilometers there will be as many as 255 (16 km x 16 km). We would like to include diverse landscapes inspired by Poland, such as Masuria, Szklarska Poręba or the Medyka border crossing.







List of the most important changes in version 0.9:

  • KTO Rosomak APC
  • Leopard 2PL MBT (textures by Mihal190 & Folkward)
  • Tumak-2 with WKM-B 
  • Star 1466 Truck in Transport, Ammo, Fuel and Command variants 
  • Mi-24D and Mi-24W (early WIP)
  • RPG-76 Komar disposable grenade launcher
  • Carl Gustaf M3 recoilless rifle (Bohemia Interactive)
  • VIS-100 (PR-15 Ragun) pistol
  • MSBS variants with GP-40 grenade launcher 
  • Beryl wz.04 with STANAG magazine well 
  • EOTech 552 collimator sight with 3x Magnifier
  • Magazine compatibility groups
  • Supported by new OPFOR module giving greater possibilities in scenario creation
  • Integrated mission package for player singleplayer or coop
  • Compatibility with ACE and RHS when using optional modules
  • Compatibility with ALiVE


The full list of changes can be found in the changelog_en.txt file in the mod directory.

* The driver and passenger compartment, the interior of the turret will be modeled in the future.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the changes to the PSZ: Polish Armed Forces and new releases of the PSZ: OP4 and PSZ: Jasło and optional supporting mods.




What next? 

After v0.9 release, potential hotfixes and some rest we’ll return to work on planned 1.0 release 🙂

With a soldier's greeting, see you on the virtual battlefield!




Kind regards,

PSZ Mod Developers Team




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Thank you very much for your commitment and work. But above all, I'm very glad that work on the MOD is ongoing. Keep doing a good job 👍

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27 minutes ago, pokemon77 said:

C'mon... when will it be available on armaholic download site?


Sorry, but we have decided to shift to Steam Workshop exclusively, to cut down on release maintenance time.

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Thank you for the whole new upgrade of the mod! If you guys ever start working on polish air force, please do consider the Su-22. It would be a really good addition for polish armed force mod, and the Arma 3 in general (it can shoot many rockets out of it's wing! Also can do bombing. Can kill people. Very great to have in the game indeed)


PAF currently operates 12 Su-22m4 and 6 Su-22um3k(Wikipedia).

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I love how you guys at PSZ make the general rankings of soliders base on real-life👍

Very few modders care about doing that, maybe they don't want to get off of gameplay balance, or maybe they didn't know the most common ranks of enlists in respective army. 

Very few armies of the world include more than one sergeant or similar ranked soldier in single squad/section. And Arma put 2 sergeants in a squad, if i remember it correct. 

I also love how you even includes the (dismounts) option for squad composition. Most ex-ussr armies operate in the form of mount-dismount section/squad, as most of them most commonly operate in mechanized infantry form. Very scary indeed.

Overall very good one. After playing for some time it becomes more clear:) So keep up the good work guys 👍

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There are some discrepancies with reality that come from the need to align it to the game, but overall we aim at recreating the reality as far as it's feasible in Arma, that's true. I'm glad that you enjoy our work!

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PSZ: Polish Armed Forces 0.9.1 is out on Steam!



It contains fixes and improvements of already released content.



- Ammo rounds 12.7x99 MP for Tor antimaterial rifle
- Buoyancy and fording depths of Żbik, Star & Tumak
- Functions psz_fnc_delayCall and psz_fnc_waitUntil for reliable execution in unscheduled context
- PG-76 round model and particle effect improvements
- Pilots and their coveralls have ACE_GForceCoef  defined now (kudos @veteran29)
- Rosomak polishing and fixes
- RPG-7 model by vaskmd (RHS AFRF)
- RPG-76 and Carl Gustaf ACE backblast configs (kudos ACE team for help)
- Scenario script fixes
- Tumak invisible .50 cal turret has been removed


Have fun!


Please let us know how you like the new release using our community sites:

Discord server

Steam community


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Tanks in your mod  makes an automatic lead? can't hit a moving target.
add: sorry,my bad- i found,  i must holding TAB button to shoot in moving targets

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just found your mod and the Leopard tank is simple awesome; engine sound, gears, interiors, damage model, fire control system, just WOW)) mach better then  all RHS tanks.
Have you plan to make T-72 tank on the same level (with interiors). It also was in Polish army. I reale hope you will do.

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very good work! attention to detail (Mi24 cockpit), brdm 2 are awesome!  even the w100 pistol. thumbs up! 

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