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[IFA2] Iron Front : Overhaul mod v1.0 (Lite) RELEASED

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The Iron Front Overhaul is a mod made for IFA2, designed for use with ACE and COSLX, it fixes a lot of the issues in IFA2 as well as changing and adding things.


 Quick Features List :

New factions. (Maybe...)
New interaction features. (Smoking cigarettes, interaction with vehicles/weapons, etc. Maybe...)
Changes to default maps and/or new maps. (Maybe)
German western front/late war units. (Coming soon)
Winter and/or African Theatre units. (Maybe...)
New units. (Divisions, etc. Coming Soon)
Improved default missions and new ones. (Coming soon)
Compatibility with Task Force Radio mod. (Maybe...)
Compatibility with ACE mod.
Accurate weapons.
New classes such as the much needed ammo bearer and assistant machine-gunner. (Coming Soon)
Retextured infantry.
Accurate infantry loadouts.
Lots of fixes. (Weapon sounds, explosions, etc.)
Realistic sounds.
Accurate faction names.
Accurate weapon and vehicle names.
Custom loading screen.
Custom menu. (Coming soon)


Mission Repository : http://www.missionrepository.com/addons-mods-9


Iron Front Forums release thread : http://ironfront.forumchitchat.com/post?id=7851779

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Thanks, I will monitor this. I am interested in improvements in realism, AI behaviour, etc.

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