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Recycling, repair, resources, etc.

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I have some questions concerning Manned missions.


1. Radiation: Radiation reduction and prevention (tablets etc.) or not?


2. recycling: it will be a way to recycle the unwanted material that is made on the printer.


3. Repair: it will be possible to repair vehicles (torn wheel etc.), panels, machines etc.


4. Resources: it will be possible to decompose or combine the extracted resources more than ever before (adding new sources etc.)


5. Will the possibility to eventually reach the surface of Mars and build a base


6. What does planning for the future


7th mission Mining Site C-03 throws errors.


Of Greeting Martian :-)

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I agree.  Within 4 hours of playing I made the moon look like a redneck trailer-park junk yard with junk and destroyed vehicles all over.

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I have a design for a recycler. 30 cm X 30 cm pad mill, 12 cm high ramp sides. Folding Canister receptor one end, folding solar cell the other end. Place move-able rocks or junk on top add empty canister or attach to printer input.  Has an internal buffer of 20 units. 

Mars Rock = iron, silicon. 20/ 80 chance. 10 units

Moon Rock = Silicon, aluminium. 50/ 50 chance. 15 units

Asteroid rubble = Iron, Magnesium. 70/ 30 chance. 15 units

Ice lump = Water, methane.  50/ 50 chance. 10 units

Metallic scrap = iron, aluminium. 50/ 50 chance. 30 units

Empty water pack = carbon, Hydrogen. 60/ 40 chance. 5 units. 

Empty emergency air tank. = 90% of its aluminium. 39 units. 

Plastic = carbon, Hydrogen. 50/ 50 chance.50 units. 

Ceramic debris = Silicon, Aluminium. 60/40 chance. 10 units. 

Empty or Broken Oxygen Tank = 100% of ingredients.

Damaged parts = 10 units of any base resource element. Oxygen, nitrogen, Carbon, iron, aluminium, silicon, etc      

The idea is that it's grinding and pyrolizing the result wasting all but one majority element. It's highly inefficient. 

This gives you the base elements to make the small resource units in the smallest printer. It has a plug that is compatible with the 3d printers canister input point under the solar cell. 

It can fold up and fit in one suit inventory slot. 
i'll knock up a mesh in wings or something. 

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