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createVehicle BIS Interactive Targets

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Hello everybody,


I would like to spawn in BIS Interactive Targets "TargetBootcampHuman_F" via script, but without their default settings.

(Using Zeus you get a few options to change settings for the object)


I managed to change the texture, but failed to make the targets not popup again. This is what I have so far:


   t1 = createVehicle ["TargetBootcampHuman_F", [3123.2107,3980.2239,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
   t1 setDir 251.553;
   _targetPopup = t1 getVariable ["RscAttributeTargetPopup", getNumber (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf t1 >> "popup")];
   t1 setVariable ["_targetPopup",0,true];
   //t1 setVariable ["Popup",0,true];

   _texture = ((getArray (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf t1 >> "textures")) select 1) select 1;
   t1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _texture];



I guess the solution is somewhere in BIS_fnc_target (?)


Maybe someone of you can help :)



Kind regards.

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nopop= true; works on some targets but not the interactive one.


The only work around I found was to override the default code and use animate to take control.


You will need to add an eventhandler to detect when the target has been hit.

t1 addeventhandler ["Hit",{(_this select 0) spawn {sleep 0.01;_this animate ["terc", 0];sleep 0.1;_this animate ["terc", 1];_this removeeventHandler ["hit",0]}}];

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Thanks for your response.


I actually used your idea from a script of you (popup.sqf).


[t1] call fnc_noPop;



fnc_noPop = {

    private ["_target"];
    _target = (_this select 0);
    while {(_target animationPhase "terc") < 0.9 } do {
    if ((_target animationPhase "terc") == 1) then
    {_target animate ["terc",1]};



Would the eventHandler solution be the better one? There will be round about 25 targets get spawned.

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I did some popup stuff so long ago I forgot most of it.


If your running multiple targets you will need some way to determine which target has been hit and then call the function passing the _target to the script.


  You could use the above EVH for each target or if you prefer to call the function

t1 addeventhandler ["Hit",{[_this select 0] call fnc_noPop;];

They're basically doing the same thing although when I tried using animationphase that last night it didn't stay down for me on the interactive target so I may have messed up if it's working for you.


I don't know which would be the better method, one thing to watch for is that neither record multiple hits.

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Having this in initPlayerLocal worked.

fnc_nopop = {    private ["_target"];

    _target = (_this select 0);
    while {alive _target} do {
    if ((_target animationPhase "terc") == 1) then
    {_target animate ["terc",1]};


fnc_spwnTrgt = {

     z1 = createVehicle ["TargetBootcampHuman_F", [3123.2107,3980.2239,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
     z1 setDir 251.553;
    [z1] call fnc_nopop;

   _texture = ((getArray (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf z1 >> "textures")) select 1) select 1;
   z1 setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _texture];

_spwnTrgt      = player addAction ["SpawnTarget","call fnc_spwnTrgt","",198,false,true,"",""];




But I have problems to get it to work in the actual script like you said, but nevermind, I will go with the eventHandler-solution, it seems to work great.


Thanks again. :)

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Hello again,
so I decided to not use the interactive targets, since the provided informations are quite useless in my opinion and now I just go with the "standard" ones (static and moving), but unfortunately the eventHandler solution for nopop seems not to work with them?
I've made a function and everything looks like it's working, but I can't get the last part to work, I've googled and tried a couple ways, without success.

fnc_spawnPopUp = {

nul = ["objName","markerName",[ [[pos],dir,"type","texture","popUp"],[[pos],dir,"type","texture","popUp"],[[pos],dir,"type","texture","popUp"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp;

private ["_dice","_obj"];
params [["_objName", "", [""]],["_mrk", "", [""]],["_array", [],[]]];

_dice = count _array;
_dice = floor(random (_dice));
_array = _array select _dice;
_array params [["_pos", [0,0,0], [[],"",objNull]], "_dir", ["_type","S"],["_texture","INF1"],["_popUp","NO"]];

if (_type isEqualTo "S") then { _type = "TargetP_Inf_F"; };
//Moving Left-Right
if (_type isEqualTo "MM") then { _type = "Target_Swivel_01_ground_F"; };
//Moving Right
if (_type isEqualTo "RM") then { _type = "Target_Swivel_01_right_F"; };
//Moving Left
if (_type isEqualTo "LM") then { _type = "Target_Swivel_01_left_F"; };

if (_texture isEqualTo "INF1") then { _texture = "TargetP_Inf_F"; };
//Soldier Aiming
if (_texture isEqualTo "INF2") then { _texture = "TargetP_Inf2_F"; };
//Soldier Lowered Weapon
if (_texture isEqualTo "INF3") then { _texture = "TargetP_Inf3_F"; };
//Soldier Aiming (Mask)
if (_texture isEqualTo "INF4") then { _texture = "TargetP_Inf4_F"; };
if (_texture isEqualTo "GEN") then { _texture = "TargetP_HVT1_F"; };
if (_texture isEqualTo "OFF") then { _texture = "TargetP_HVT2_F"; };
//Civilian Man
if (_texture isEqualTo "CIV1") then { _texture = "TargetP_Civ_F"; };
//Civilian Woman
if (_texture isEqualTo "CIV2") then { _texture = "TargetP_Civ2_F"; };
if (_texture isEqualTo "HOST") then { _texture = "TargetP_Civ3_F"; };

_obj = createVehicle [_type, markerPos _mrk, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

_obj SetVehicleVarName _objName;
_obj call compile format ["%1=_This ; PublicVariable ""%1""",_objName];

_texture = ((getArray (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _texture >> "hiddenSelectionsTextures")) select 0 );
_obj setObjectTextureGlobal [0, _texture];

_obj setPosATL _pos;
_obj setFormDir _dir;
_obj setDir _dir;

if (_popUp isEqualTo "YES") then {}
else {
_obj addEventHandler ["Hit",{(_this select 0) spawn {sleep 0.01;_this animate ["terc", 0];sleep 0.1;_this animate ["terc", 1];_this removeEventHandler ["hit",0]}}];

Any help would be highly appreciated :)
Kind regards.
Using just noPop = true; in init.sqf will work for the static target "TargetP_Inf_F". Using BIS PopUpTarget.sqf gives the possibility to make them popup again.


Still the moving targets aren't influenced by that, unfortunately.


This is what I've changed so far:

	if (_popUp isEqualTo "YES") then {
		if (_type isEqualTo "TargetP_Inf_F") then {
				_obj addEventHandler ["HitPart", "[(_this select 0)] execVM 'PopUpTarget.sqf';"];
				_obj setVariable ["_nopop", false, true];
		} else {
			//code for moving targets
		} else {
		if !(_type isEqualTo "TargetP_Inf_F") then {
			//code for moving targets

The following commands do work (e.g. in the console) for "Target_Swivel_01_ground_F" etc. but I can't get them to work within the function/eventHandlers.


t1 animate ["Terc",1,true];
t1 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled", false]; // prevents pop-down after bullet hits
t1 setVariable ["BIS_isPopping", true]; // prevents left-right swinging +(all other possible animations(?) including popdown)

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Finally I've conquered my cluelessness.


Maybe it's not possible to achieve it from within the function itself, but probably I'm just too stupid ^^


So it's done in the same script, where the function gets called:

[] spawn {

    nul = ["t1","spawnMrk",[ [[1896.26,5750.96,0.00143862],107.79,"MM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp;
    nul = ["t2","spawnMrk",[ [[1895.26,5747.83,0.00145149],108.039,"RM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp;    
    nul = ["t3","spawnMrk",[ [[1897.43,5754.45,0.00144434],108.174,"LM","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp;
    nul = ["t4","spawnMrk",[ [[1898.59,5757.97,0.00143862],108.174,"S","INF2","NO"] ]] call fnc_spawnPopUp;
    t1 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t1 spawn {sleep 0.01; t1 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t1 animate ["terc",1];};}];
    t2 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t2 spawn {sleep 0.01; t2 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t2 animate ["terc",1];};}];
    t3 addEventHandler ["HitPart",{t3 spawn {sleep 0.01; t3 setVariable ["BIS_poppingEnabled",false, true]; sleep 0.01; t3 animate ["terc",1];};}];

Good night. :)

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