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Takistan bases by DonbassCZ





It will be about the two airbases in Rasman and Loy Manara, FOB Jilavur, Feruz AbadGarmsar, police station in Rasman, threecheckpoints and two telecommunication towers outposts


Regarding both MOB'll be inspired several templates of Arma 2, where I came across a really great pieces that I would like to paste into my project. Of course I will not somehow copied from one game to another but I'll remake several objects and I hope they will appear in Arma 3.  ;) I hope that you will like my bases.



Feruz Abad FOB

Jilavur FOB

Garmsar FOB

Rasman police station

MOB Rasman

Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2

Checkpoint 3

Telecommunication towers outpost 1

Telecommunication towers outpost 2

Loy Manara HAFB(Helicopter Air Force Base)


Download link:


Takistan bases by DonbassCZ


Greets DonbassCZ

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