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Community Upgrade Project - CUP Terrains

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A little suggestion regarding "Target E" object (classnames: TargetE, cwa_TargetE, TargetE_EP1). Currently this will be destroyed after a large number of hits (around 35), and when "dead" it falls to it's side. I don't remember how they behaved in Arma 1 and Arma 2, but current behaviour is inconsistent with both Arma 3 targets (which are indestructible, and fall back after one shot to pop up few seconds later - with exception of Simple Target which seems to be just indestructible) and A:CWA/OFP TargetE (which "dies" and falls back after 3 shots). Having them work like either A3 targets, or CWA target would make them quite useful for various drills/training missions.


Also another variant of this object (TargetTraining classname) seems to have wrong destrType, as it produces a small explosion when "dead".

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Some new modular platform objects coming within the next release of Terrains Core that will be available to terrain makers for third party terrains. 


Pieces include a base block, an angle block, 20 and 30 degree stairs and a wall section intended for the block. These pieces should allow for fairly flexible platform shapes to be created to further place objects on. There is a chance of further objects being added to these if the need arises on Chernarus 2020, which is what they were made for. 



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