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Help wrong path in PBO

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Hello guys,


I am absolutly an amateur with modding so bare with me please.


I am trying to modify a mission, I simply want to change out some models for others. The mission is in a pbo and I can decompile it/unwrap it just fine. But when I try to turn the thing back into a pbo I get a duplicate path.


Path originaly decompiled is like: E:\SteamLibrary\Arma 3\@Warlords\Addons\JEZ_Warlords\A3\JEZ_Warlords


But i try to compile it into a pbo i get an error loading the mission. So when I then decompile the created pbo it shows the following path:




For some reason Addon builder adds another directory. That is obviously why the mission breaks down. How do I use Addon builder to create a pbo correctly?


Thanks for the help.

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