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Mallow's Elf Hat

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What is it?

It's an elf hat. Admittedly, it's a bad one, but this is literally the first model I ever made in 3ds max/exported to object builder/made normals for. The textures are awful, the model looks too rigid, and you can only see the faintest hint of the normalmap in very light conditions, but it's an elf hat, and it's appropriate for the time of year.


I might release more stuff, maybe.


Thanks to:

- Toadie2k4 for massive amounts of help with UVunwrapping, normalmapping and overall being a very cool guy.

- Facepunch Arma for "testing" this stuff.





The actual PBO + 



Key for my stuff if anyone wants to use it on a server:



Source files (because somebody might be able to learn from this (only contains the .p3d and texture files, I got rid of the original 3dsmax files and pngs):



License/Terms of Service

All content released by myself fall subject to the Arma Public Share-Alike (APL-SA) License, unless otherwise specified.

Exceptions to this license are made in the following, with stipulations regarding use -

  • Any persons or entities directly or indirectly involved with active development of Arma 3 Life OR Arma 3 Life derivatives ( additionally, by alias; Caiden). Stipulations - Do Not Redistribute, No alteration or de-binarizing of content, no use at all within publicly distributed data-archives(including executable installation) for entities that receive more than US$10 in lifetime donations. This exception applies retroactively. Failure to adhere to this will result in legal action.





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