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ZKs -=LOST=- MP Survival Mission (Now With Base Building)

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the server is


filter ZKS in the host    or   www.zonekiller.net   in remote

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New Update   -= LOST =- V4  (Needs INIDBI2-v204 or higher)


Added param option to see other players on map without adding as friends first.

Fully CBA compatible now.

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I've made a version that gives you and AI companion and uses R3F (although you need to get to a certain place to use it !)

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I've made a version that gives you and AI companion and uses R3F (although you need to get to a certain place to use it !)


Interesting as i brought that same point up earlier needed a way to recruit Civilians or have an AI to help you.. When I edited it (for my own use) and added an AI companion I found the enemy won't shoot at him? Only me?

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Hmm I'll have to check if they fire at him ... we COULD just put a massive setrating that could do it :)

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Hi and thankyou Just61 , but I cant play on your server as I'm from Australia and battle eye keeps kicking me for having a high ping , any chance you can up the ping limit ?



sorry I have not had time all year to make the next update. LOL


Well done Krem .  

So how does it play out with the AI helper.


I had great success add a usable Female AI companion to A2  Dayz Epoch without any addons Just Inidb on the server to record her stuff.

She started with the player and a pistol.


but people the joined my server for the first time kept yelling at them STOP FOLLOWING ME

was kinda funny

(I have a copy if anyone wants it)


Hey Vengeance1 have you tried to make a script that will


copy the civs cloths

direction and position

kill and delete the civ (so scripts stop running)

create a west unit  set pos and dir

removeall weapons , items ,assigned items, containers, uniform

forceadd uniform civs cloths


unit join group


I will look into writing the script in the next few days if you need me to.





I just bought a Honda CBR1000F so spending a bit of time with that :)

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Nice Bike! but I'm too old for that one just a Honda GL1800. 


I'll wait for you to do a script if you will, history has showed me you know how to do it much better than I. ;)


I do appreciate it however, maybe I won't get my #ss handed to me so much.

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Version 5 Update

You can now recruit the Civilians up to 4 of them at any one time.


They will follow you but they are civilians so they are clumsy and 

do wander off. They will come back, If they don't get themselves dead.

They will copy your stance.


They can do some things for themselves, such as find there own backpacks

If you takes theirs they will get another.


You tell them to pickup a gun they will look for their own ammo.


Give them a few medical supplies and they will heal themselves as well

Medical supplies (bloodbag,Antibiotic,defib,bandage,painKillers,heatPack).


You can let them carry your load, It gives you a reason to keep them alive.

They will also help tell you where the enemy is.


They will give you a hint message when they go to get something or when they get something.

They can also drive some vehicles.

Be nice to them, A lot of coding went into making them less stupid.

When you log out all of their kit and position are recorded by IniDBi. 


Version 5 ChangeLOG: 


Added : Recruit Civilians

updated : Some Exit Code


Still compatible with CBA and IniDBi2 V2.04 or newer.


How To Use.

Walk up to a civilian (the ones without a gun) and when you get close

You will get an action to Join Group, Click that and he is on your team.


Use the F keys to select your unit. (F2-to-F5).

Press 4 for him to use or find Vehicles.

Press 6 for him to get Items and Guns.

Press ~ to get them to Regroup or Stop.

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Been playing a test version of this from ZK and it really does enhance the gameplay.  Well done mate!

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Hi Zonekiller,

Thank you for your mission, a friend and I have spent a few nights playing on my server and really enjoyed it.

Thought you would appreciate some feedback.

It was easy to install and setup with your instructions and including all files needed was great.

Everything worked out of the box, no errors, no hassle persistant db is a welcome addition, thanks.

Fps is great! This is a well coded mission, we were both getting solid frames. The only place i struggled was kavala but my server settings were high.

Lots of action to keep you on your toes and looking over your shoulder.

We loved the AI helpers, very useful in many situations.

Highly addictive and immersive.

If we had to make some suggestions to improve your mission it would be the usual im afraid.

Addon weapon pack compatibility. Haleks Ravage mod has a nice way of doing this, optional mods.

Base building of some description. R3f would be fine for me, maybe creation factory could be added to large trucks?

Ai to engage each other. To make it feel more bandit like, not you against an army.

And Im sorry but a few zombies never hurts in my opinion!

So after 6 hours of gameplay and no problems or errors, I can only take my hat off to you. Well done!

Thanks for you hard work,


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Hi porkie,

While tinkering with an early version of LOST I was able to add R3F into it very easily, although I made it that you had to get to the truck first! Not played with other optional weapons etc

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Nice mission, ZK! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to all the improvements ahead ;)


1 thing, though - I'd love to see this type of mission as campaign, so you progress through quests + harsh environment + survival elements + player and his squad's stats gathered to display in a table (I think OFP Resistance introduced campaign stats table first).

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Things you need to know about editing ZKs-=LOST=-


First off,

Please feel free to learn from , use code/functions,edit mission, port it to different maps, add 


what ever you want to it.all I ask for is a bit of credit in your creations.  

If your a donating kinda person just PM me


Here we go.


Most code in my missions are dynamic (which means the code stays the same and just the input changes due to the fact im lazy and dont like repeating code 100 times)



Most changes are in the LOST_SP.Altis\Code directory in there you will see





If you wish to add Weapons, Vehicles or Rewards add them to the propper array in one of these 

scripts just copy an existing item in the array and just change the item type   



The Player_Item.sqf is for using Items, If your new items require code it goes in there.

there is an UNUSED array in Server_Arrays.hpp of items you can add to the mission you will need 

to add code to Player_Item.sqf before they will do anything.




To Port to a new map is super easy

First thing is make an empty mission call it LOST or what ever on a different map 

open the mission.sqm file and copy the map name IE "bornholm"

copy all the scripts to the new mission including mission.sqm

open mission.sqm and change the map name in addOns[]= and addOnsAuto[]=

save the mission.sqm and open mission in editor


Move the few items to a island or somewhere out of the way but make sure the men are on land


Things to move


HCSlot (Logic For MP)

All units (MP) or Player (SP)

Server_Object (Wreck)

Respawn_west (Marker) 


Then save


If needed

Open up mission.sqm

add player="PLAY CDG"; to each playerable unit

If you edit the unit in the editor it will turn back into a soldier unit

if that is the case change   vehicle=   to vehicle="C_man_p_fugitive_F"; or some other civ type



In Shared_Arrays.hpp there is an array called MY_TRIGGERS

replace your array of locations in this array


this is an array of 2D locations (2D = [0,0] not [0,0,0]) of where you want the bad guys to spawn and patrol and where the player spawns after death

in MP the patrol area is defined in the parameters in SP all the parameters are in initServer.sqf 


and thats it.



First step getting locations 

Wrote a script for you - See below.

Add your 2D locations to MY_TRIGGERS array adjust the _default_area = 700; to get a nice coverage over the map to suit your action level requirements 


main options are (MP there are the Parameters)

(In SP they are in initServer.sqf)


_default_time = 7;    First start time of day

_default_skill = 10;    enemy skill

_default_random = 1;    random amounts of enemy

_default_groups = 5;    max enemy groups per location

_default_size = 5;      max enemy units per group 

_default_vehicles = 2;    max enemy vehicles per location

_default_defences = 1;    max enemy defences per location

_default_house = 7;      percent of houses that will contain an enemy AI per location

_default_civs = 3;        percent of Civs to houses per location

_default_vehiclebuild = 250;  amount of empty vehicles on map

_default_Wreckbuild = 150;  amount of wrecks on map

_default_fromroad = 50;  how far from a road empty vehicles/wrecks are placed on map

_default_area = 700;  Trigger and patrol area of enemy AI


In (SP) the values are in New Text Document.txt (forgot to name it in future versions this will be called Values.txt)


Getting Locations (you may need to add extra location but this should get most of them)


Open the editor on the new map

add a player to the center of the map and save the mission to anything (this is just a temporary mission so temp is fine)


make 3 scripts in the mission folder






Add This code



saving = 0;



player allowdamage false;
mSpots = [];
player addAction ["Delete Places" , "marker.sqf",[0],1,false,false,"",""]; // deletes markers so Find Locations can be re-run
player addAction ["Find LocationTypes" , "marker.sqf",[1],1,false,false,"",""]; // Finds Location types for that map and copies them to clipboard select the ones you want and add them to marker.sqf

player addAction ["Find Locations" , "marker.sqf",[2],1,false,false,"",""]; //add markers to the map and copies 2D locations to clipboard (these are for MY_TRIGGER array) use Delete Places before running this a second time

onMapSingleClick "player setpos _pos";



_marea = 700; //adjust this to suit, each red marker is the trigger area, match _default_area = 700; Trigger and patrol area of enemy AI
_array = [];
MapArea = 15000; // adjust this to cover the entire map

params ["","","_act"];

if (_act == 0) exitwith {{deletemarker _x} foreach mSpots};

if (_act == 1) exitwith
_allLocationTypes = [];
"_allLocationTypes pushBack configName _x" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgLocationTypes");
copytoclipboard str(_allLocationTypes);
Hint "Paste LocationTypes into Marker.sqf"

// add your Location types to this array --
_allLocationTypes = ["Airport","CityCenter","Name","Strategic","Hill","NameLocal","NameMarine","NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital","ViewPoint","BorderCrossing","fakeTown"];
sleep .1;

_r = position _x;
_r set[2,-1111];
_r = _r - [-1111];
if !(surfaceiswater _r) THEN {_array = _array + [_r]};
sleep .001;
systemChat format ["%1 (%2) - %3m",_x,text _x,position player distance _x];
} forEach nearestLocations [player, _allLocationTypes, MapArea];

    _marker = str([_x]);
    mSpots = mSpots + [_marker];
    _marker = createMarkerlocal [_marker,_x];
    _marker setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
    _marker setMarkerAlphaLocal 0.3;
    _marker setMarkerSize [_marea,_marea];
    _marker setmarkercolor "colorred";
    } foreach _array;

Hint str(count _array);
copytoclipboard str(_array);

Then play the mission and use the actions


when you think you have all the locations you need just paste them to MY_TRIGGERS array


I hope this helps

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The New Update will be ready next week, :D


Some of the new features include -


Animals just for atmosphere

You see the tool in your hand that you are using to Repair or Dismantle vehicles

Mission objectives with rewards  -  and if there not completed then you may have a bigger issue to deal with

Only Basic Weapons in Houses.

Updated Weapons

Tweeked lots of code


Lots of tweak's to the Parameters  such as

Different friend Marker Options

Adjustable Food and Water Options

Adjustable Loot Options

Adjustable Side Mission completion Times and Difficulty

And Much More.



I will be Testing it this weekend and will have my server running from now 
Feel Free to jump on and help run some tests

Search for ZDs in server list
or LOST in mission list

or Remote in on

Address :  www.zonekiller.net

Port : 2302


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