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[MP08] Sacha's Undead Survival Sandbox

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Sacha's Undead Survival Sandbox v0.3
by Sacha Ligthert

What is this?
This is (just like with Roadblock Duty) an ArmA 3 port of the original Dynamic Zombie Sandbox for ArmA 2, because I am a nostalgic sucker.

This is a sandbox based on zombies and demons. It spawns in random zombies (the slow variatie) based on given parameters, cars to drive around in, fortifications to build your bases and loot to use against Zombies. It is in every way a sandbox!

This scenario features:
- Random spawn options!
- Over 15 parameters that allows you to play the game as you wish.
- A non-stop stream of zombies out there to eat you!
- Random weapons
- Random Fortifications
- Random loot
- R3F Logistics for base building
- Realistic Repair script by Zealot111
- Best played with friends!

This scenario is still being developed so there are still some bugs.


Zombies and Demons

Future features/todo list
I hope to include the following features in future releases
- Persistent bases and player ( so you can run the  )
- ACE3 support
- Support for CUP weapons
- More complex respawn options
- Finite zombies, this allows for cleaning up the island

Known issues
Please note that this scenario is in an unfinished state. Monkies are working very hard on fixing this.
- Spawning as JIP is iffy (needs reworking)
- Fog is the bane of my existence
- ArmA 3

Thanks and Credits
- R3F for R3F Logistics
- Zealot111 for the repair script
- Lowlands Tactical for being my perpetual test subjects
- Some weird British kid for testing

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This looks sick, looking forward to testing :D

Thanks! Keep me posted. I am looking for feedback. :)

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We are just loading up our mods and will test this mission, i am thrilled to test this  :)




We had a lot of fun with this mission. But sadly we couldn´t use any of our weapon MOD´s. What is the main goal in MP? We also found a lot of objects blocking the streets like bunkers and sand barriers.

After a while there is nothing new to explore beside looting more and more buildings. Beside that its a very good start!

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