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WARSIM - Persistent Military Careers [ALPHA]

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WARSIM is a multiplayer game mode for Arma 3. Its core features are player persistence, dynamic missions and territory control. There are three factions made up of players - NATO, CSAT and the AAF. Each faction fights to control the most territory with added AI missions/attacks throughout to keep you on your toes. Players can setup observation posts and forward operating bases that generate territory, allowing that faction to deploy more assets further afield.
For more information please head over to the GitHub repo!


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i tried to run the mission in editor but I get these error messages:

10:56:12 Warning Message: Script \iniDBI_WARSIM\init.sqf not found
10:56:12 Error in expression <ase, _filename];

if ( !(_filePath call iniDB_exists) ) then {
systemChat (forma>
10:56:12   Error position: <iniDB_exists) ) then {
systemChat (forma>
10:56:12   Error Undefined variable in expression: inidb_exists

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