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john chaser

Script for loading seperate "pants texture"

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Hey guys,


I've been searching google and this forum quiet a lot so far, but simply couldn't find a decent solution.

I am trying to use an independent officer uniform with my self-made texture as a fireman skin.


This is what it is meant to look like: 



But, since this is ArmA III and I can't figure it out, it doesn't want to laod the pants right. I made this work by copying the entire characters_f_beta.pbo, changing the skins and repacking it as a "mod".

BUT  I cant make it work as a scripted uniform without replacing the entire uniform skin. I hope you get, what I am actualyl trying to say right now. 

Problem is: It laods the Jacket-Texture with setObjectTextureGlobal, but it won't load the pants, since they are in a different .paa. The pants, which actually are inside the .paa belong to the CSAT-Uniform and all those damn CSAT-Icons on the shoulders and arms etc., which is why I want to use the Independen uniform. Otherwise it looks like this:




YES, this is the CSAT-Uniform, which I dont want to use, because of the CSAT-Symbols on Arms and shoulders. I want the Independ-Uniform with different pants, see above. Look at red shoulder to the right for CSAT-Symbols)


soooooo..... if anybody of you guys acutally managed to understand my problem and even got an answer for that, please respond!

Thank you very much!

With Regards,



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I've used the Indep officer as part of an addon, and the reason the pants wont load is because they're part of a different named selection. On a config level this would be easy enough to sort (see below)

		hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1","Camo2","insignia"};
		hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Texture_Path\Jacket_co.paa","\Texture_Path\Pants_co.paa"};

However, I'm not quite sure how you would go about using setobjecttexture with the second texture. Presumably like this:

Unit setobjecttextureglobal [0, "\Texture_Path\Jacket_co.paa"]; Unit setobjecttextureglobal [1, "\Texture_Path\Pants_co.paa"];

in the unit's init.


Unit setobjecttextureglobal [0, "Jacket_co.paa"]; Unit setobjecttextureglobal [1, "Pants_co.paa"];

if the files are in the mission pbo.

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Thank you very much, mate! It works just perfectly fine! 

I always appreciate, how fast you guys can help one here! 

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