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setDir/setFormDir varying values

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Hey everybody!


I have saved 4 different positions and their relative directions to spawn a unit, but unit's direction never matches the one I saved.


First, this is the code I am using:

_pos = [
_dir = [16.0291,308.932,328.367,320];
_dice = count _pos;
_dice = floor (random _dice);    
_grp = createGroup EAST;
_unit = _grp createUnit ["O_G_Soldier_F", markerPos "marker", [], 0, "NONE"];
_unit setPosATL (_pos select _dice);
sleep 1;
_unit allowFleeing 0;
_unit setDir(_dir  select _dice);
_unit setUnitPos "MIDDLE";

I check unit's direction after it's creation with _dirTarget = getDir cursorTarget; hint str(_dirTarget);


For example my last 3 spawns:


Instead of 308.9 it's 338.9

Instead of 328.3 it's 358.3

Instead of 16.02 it's 0.011


How is that possible and how am I able to stop this behaviour? It's driving me crazy, because I need them quite accurate.


I tried with different sleep values, with and without allowFleeing or setUnitPos. I don't get it.



Kind Regards.

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Thank you so much kk, you made my night, I was getting kind of frustrated.


I would have never thought of combining them...

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