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AI helos ignore all waypoints

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So I'm having some very, very annoying issues on the subject of AI helicopters. For example, I put down a flying helo carrying troops (via moveInCargo script), placed an invisible helipad at the LZ, then set up a transport unload waypoint for the helo at the helipad. Nothing happens, the helo just hovers. I have found this issue when using a few helicopters, most notably the RHS Mi-8, which I can't to do anything. I've attempted many waypoint types, but nothing works. It just doesn't follow the waypoints.


So... what's the best way to script a helo insertion and subsequent extraction? Please help!


And as a plus, if anyone knows how set up a script where the player must deploy a smoke grenade for the AI helo to land and conduct the extraction, I'd be grateful.

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