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How to Disable the Staminia System and Forced Walk Off

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 have been looking everywhere to try and find someway to disable the new functions that have been put in.


//Disables the Stamina Bar but not its functions
player enableStamina false;
//Enable Sprint for infantry in all stances
player allowSprint true;
//Override weapon sway and reset to pre marksman
player setCustomAimCoef 0.1;

Except when l load my player up the fatigue system seems to take over regardless does anyone know a way to disable the fatigue of the weight so our players on our server can go back to carrying items as they usualy did prior to the 1.54 update. Seems great if you are running a realism server to have these features but on a full public server every night that's used to having fatigue disabled and no weapon weapon sway then after turning these off having forced walk turned on because of the carry weight. How can can we set these back to their original values and have the forced walk turned off too when carrying extra weight above 50kg. Seems like there is something else working underneath the disabled stamina bar. If anyone can help out with this would be much appreciated. Or shed some more light onto this subject. 

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