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Paying Again To Play A3

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Okay so I heard on another forum a rumor that you had to pay Custom Combat Gaming to play on their servers. Before posting anything and in disbelief I did my homework. It is not easy to find anything but I did find this posthttp://customcombatgaming.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23201-cannot-connect-to-the-dev-servers/

After reading this post I was in shock!! I have already paid for Arma 3 why should any community be allowed to charge me to play on their servers? 

Now I dont post this to start trouble but to let the community in a whole know what is going on. It is only if we ban together can we put an end to this before it catches on. Look to the future if it is allowed for CCG then others will be doing it. That is just not right.

Posted Today, 02:55 PM

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sup lads,

I just made the contract to pay 10/per month to get the access 2 the dev servers

but when i connect to them it still tells me that i have 2 get whitelisted.

(sorry for my bad english with russian grammar)

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Certain servers are allowed to charge for access to servers. They register with BI, if they're approved then they're allowed to (subject to various conditions-especially concerned with using mods), the system is about eight/nine months through a year long trial-from what I can tell most servers haven't bothered with it. 

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