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Blake ST2

SEAL Team Two

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What does this patch mean to you?

For the team members it means dedication, pride, honor, and integrity.


Who is SEAL Team Two?

SEAL Team Two Arma 3 is a SEAL based realism unit that tries to simulate the training,

combat, and achievements of a SEAL. We are a band of brothers, a team. Each team member is treated as a brother.


What were about?

Our team deploys in almost any environment with any circumstance. From small HVT (High Value Target) taskings, to large scale operations, we are all trained and ready for the fight. Each civilian that has the fortune of joining our team goes through a rigorous training called BUD/s training, or Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training to test and see if they have what it takes to be in our elite selection of SEAL/s from all around the world. Each SEAL plays an important part in the unit via N-CODES (Jobs within the special warfare department). We deploy overseas on the weekends and conduct training, casual, and co-op events during the week. Our leadership and staff are experts at leading and conducting a team and have dealt with many situations involving international disputes, and countless combat situations. Each member of Team Two has a say and the leadership are happy to take any questions or opinions on a certain matter.


Our deployments consist of the following:

  • Quick HALO and HAHO Insertions
  • Fast extraction via sea, land, or air
  • Desert Environments
  • Arctic Environments
  • Woodland Environments
  • Underwater/Maritime operations
  • Recon taskings
  • Fast paced, high action combat
  • Countless enemies
  • 100% Real Serious Fun
  • Class A leadership and staff
  • Air support on Call​


COC (Code Of Conduct)

Each SEAL conducts himself to the best of their ability, following the rules and regulations of SEAL Team 2.


1. ALWAYS Respect members and guests that are in our teamspeak, in game, on steam, or any other social or gaming media.


2. Use of Foul language MUST be kept to a minimum.


3. Any inappropriate content being shown or posted is strictly prohibited. Keep it clean and respectable.


4. Respect higher ranks and their orders (within reason) as they are a higher rank for a reason.


5. NSF reserve the right to discharge any member within the unit that is an NCO at anytime for any reason.


6. If there is disagreement within the unit, this MUST be brought up to the CO and XO whom will then have the final say no matter the circumstances.


7. "Banter" "Jargon" or any other sort of joking is permitted as long as it is controlled and non-offensive to anyone within the unit.


8. You must try your hardest and best while in an operation.


9. Some sense of Seriousness must be kept present within your behavior while on our ts3, or our game server.


10. Any sort of hacking, scripting, or cheating is prohibited within our game server at any time.


11. You will be a role model to others.


12. You will earn your trident every day.


13. CO and XO Reserve the right to modify this COC at any time and put it into effect at any time.


If you believe that you can abide by the rules of the COC, you may have a chance at being part of us.


List of roles within the team:


Squad Leader


Explosive Specialist


Lead Breacher

Heavy Weapons Operator


Close Air Support



Primary Driver/Navigator

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Advanced Special Operations





There's a lot more information to tell you about! If you are interested in being part of something great, contact us and enlist!


Contact Us

Website: www.sealteam2.net


Teamspeak 3: ts.sealteam2.net


Email: sealteam@sealteam2.net

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