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Gunter Severloh

IFA3 - Iron Front in Arma3: Loading Screen & Menu Project

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Loading Screen & Menu Project

Hello Iron front Community!

I have a small project i been working on, its a loading screen and a video for the menu.

I thought to myself you know what IFA3 dont have? Is a loading screen!

Why i have no idea but looking at the Arma3 logo every time I loaded up IFA3, thinking shouldn't this say Iron front? so i decided to replace it!


For the Menu video I took a vid for IFA3 that was a trailer and downloaded it (i have a tool for that 😉 and edited it as I had to remove a couple things

and then convert it to a file arma3 can read.


Here is the video I recorded of the menu video:

this starts as soon as you get to the menu, the vid is actually longer then what

the game allows so idk what i can do there.





Extract the zip and put the file into here:

C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3

then add as local mod to the Arma 3 launcher.



Since this thread has been used to discuss nothing but IFA3 and not the menu videos, i had asked this thread to be closed

i will resume the subject another time, perhaps on my new forum, or a new thread in the Arma 3 section.


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-I mixed the IFA44 with ARMA3,works without any +MOD (only with arma2/IFA + standalone IF)

-but if i load the original missions need the IFAlite for the correction of units(without this ,the heads landed between legs) + need the CUP/core


All is ok,works...with IFWARMOD3



Look at this two images:

In the editor all is fine,but after i loaded the mission file the whole display turned to a yellow colored ,and in game same.

What is caused this?
The files of two games runs in "same time" and possible 2x used a parameter to lighting?

In the sqm file no added light sources,only burn script but i deleted.no changes.

No the ARMA3 color correction not enough.

Which settings in pbo/files in the arma2 is parameterizes the engine?





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   This is a mod, its not something you load in the editor, its not a mission.

After you download the mod you move the  @Menu Video to here ---->    C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 - (Arma3 directory)

   Then add it to the Arma3 launcher using local mod.


Basically when you get to the main menu of the game, the loading screen should work, however the menu video wont until you exit

something like virtual arsenal, or the editor, then on the main menu of the game the video will play in the background.

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🙂   you haven't read my writing,I didn't write about the menu-video(not possible to download,link not active),only this is the only one active topic in arma3-IF44 theme.

i write about a total other theme,but solwed.


But now i have a new problem with ifa3 lite.


Possible this errors maybe because of my arma3/i44lib mixture,i test it in Omaha map from the standalone lib44 game.

All missions works fine( but with many script errors.) but the legs of characters(ifa3 lite)  constantly moving,the chartacter not step one,step seven times,and the idle standing animation looks like a parkinson dissease.

In the past i remember this error when i testted ifa3 lite without any modificqation, and I remember there was a solution........?

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20 hours ago, csepi0101 said:

Possible this errors maybe because of my arma3/i44lib mixture

Dont mix, just get this




Iron front the game was developed into a mod for Arma3, its been patched like 28 times or so, i play with it

all the time and have no issues, Iron front the game and IFA3_AIO_Lite are two different games, so for arma3

only use IFA3_AIO_Lite, dont add to it anything to it from Iron front.


As for the video on the menu i'll fix the download link over the weekend, i have 4 menu videos you can try if your interested

so as for this thread keep on topic about the menu videos.

  If you have problems or issues with IFA3 then you should be asking questions

here about it ----> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190809-iron-front-in-arm3-lite-preview-versions/?page=1


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I've been looking for the mod that also uses sp missions.
And i also met this "aio" name, a long time ago this is the cup-mod?

I read about the mixing of if44 and arma3 but nothing became of it, it became the cup mod which contains maps(very ugly) and simple units


my arma3 MODs directory is 24gb,but with this mods not possible really working full if44 game ,only with my own mix with standalone44 and arma3 with ifa lite(high textured from if44 🙂 )


I read that:


# What is the LITE version

Free version with lower quality textures.

SP/COOP missions and campaigns are not available.



for me the single player part is important, I not play multiplayer

(I haven't played anything after half-life 2 yet (c-64 ---- halflefie2), now I'm alive again in the field of games

Fully modded oblivion, HL mods, stronghold 2, and if44 and possible the new Elite space sims this is my full interest in games.)


So the IFA 3 AIO lite  is = the CUP mod= simple units and  new ugly if44 remake maps? 


(original if44 maps is beautifull,the all standalone if44 game/units and game is much more precise realistic detailed more beautifully artistically executed than the arma series or any other ww2 games)





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1 hour ago, csepi0101 said:

So the IFA 3 AIO lite  is = the CUP mod= simple units and  new ugly if44 remake maps? 

IFA3_AIO_Lite   (AIO means all in one) requires CUP_Terrains core only, IFA3 isn't a CUP mod because all the units and assets are from Iron front the game.

Other then that, IFA3 is the full port of Iron front the game, the CUP_terrains core is for building assets ect,. to be able to work on any terrain.

again its been updated many times, and has many new maps, factions, vehicles, tanks, guns, ect,.


Also the Iron front port to Arma3 back in 2015 is IFA3 however, this latest new version which has been worked on for many years

since then has been added to, fixed, developed more ect,.  the 2015 version required Iron front the game, and various mods for IF to work,

its not setup like that anymore, its a standalone mod.

       All the maps are not remakes, all maps are original maps from the game plus many more new ones, and the original maps have been upgraded.


Iron front the game is like a 2 on the scale of a 10 in terms of assets, whereas IFA3 is like an 8 in terms of assets, plus there are a ton of missions

SP and MP for IFA3, and many mods developed for IFA3.

   I like Iron front and its textures are great, but again i will trade hi rez textures for more options, just try it.


Heres a collection of SP missions for IFA3 that i maintain:






Watch some cinematic IFA3 videos, everything you see is ingame IFA3





Lastly questions, discussions about IFA3 should be on its own release thread

here about it ----> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190809-iron-front-in-arm3-lite-preview-versions/?page=1

lets not derail this thread anymore as its not on topic for what the thread was for. Cheers!


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i downloaded the full 12gb AIO lite,now i read begin your post,i thought  your first sentence answered this pitiable map............and with the cup-core would be normal.....but no...

this is a big ugly bare sh...t.  (possible need the cup terrains?)

look at the top image(my first post) how professional is the standalone if44 map

I will now read your full post



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ok i read your post full,this is my last post here.

I added to 12gb to AIO\addons

No changes in main menu,only one changes the new maps and units in editor.

I the past i tested the full CUP-s and WW2 units and IFAlite and IFAlite terrains.....this 12gb not add any plus menus to the arma3 ,

I not seen any changes...and the maps......ugly sh...t   (in the past i played with IFA in the fine oceanic Tanoa or Tarawa?? map single SP campaign,but i need the Russian front)

i was expecting a new ww2 menu design but nothing,
(later I will find the source of the starting image (ui / data? )and replace,and then I will change the whole A3 to ifront44)
this is the apex version

yes i know these cinematic videos
just as good as the DCS "top gun movie remake" videos

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My last post to this thread as i said twice now use the IFA3 release thread.

     IFA3 has low textures for a reason, because the IFA3 team has permissions to port the game to Arma3 engine, cant have

full rez textures it also has to do with license and agreements between BI, Awar, and DS this is what was allowed, and is temporary.


This all stemmed from 2013/2014 when IFA2 was being developed then released, kju had permissions with the companies

and there were limitations for legal reasons i believe because Iron front the game is still an owned product for sale, so

you can just take the game that is someone else's and put it into another game, so what was allowed is low rez textures.


Maybe your lacking specs and or resolution makes the maps look like shit, ever consider that?

Im just pointing something out here and giving you some facts, aside that.


    Did you not read this part on the IFA3 release thread and the workshop page?

i will quote:


# Why is it called Preview version?
This version is work in progress until the FULL version can be delivered.

As the answer said until the FULL version can be delivered, that means a full Iron front which will be in Arma 3

in the near future, so you will get basically a full Iron front game thats upgraded with full rez textures like IF is but better.

     Its not limited to that and dont ask as i cannot speak of any more of it, all i can say, all i can tell you is wait for it.


The CUP_Core_Terrains is required for IFA3 to work, you dont need any other IFA3 mod as that is what the AIO is for

and stands for ALL in One

thats WW2 terrains which are the IF terrains from the base game.

WW2 objects which are all the objects and more from the base game, yes theres more stuff now.


See this workshop page


you have IFA3 Lite which is just IFA3 without the terrains.

then you have IFA3_terrains which is nothing but the IFA3 or IF terrains themselves.

Then theres I44 terrains which a few years back I44 team gave in a few words, a bigger story to it, their mod to IFA3 team

so I44 terrains from Arma2 were ported to Arma3 and upgraded.


Lastly then you have IFA3_AIO_Lite

which contains all of it.



Use the IFA3 release thread for anything and everything IFA3 since my thread here is not on subject anymore.

   This thread is closed.

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