Hi all,   Great mod and awesome tutorial, thanks!   I have gotten everything (the tutorial examples + own code) to work on hosted MP. On Dedicated, nothing seems to work.   I have set up the server with TADST, the inidb2 mod is added, and TADST has set up following parameter:   Mod an mission are checked.   on Dedicated, I do not get the message if a database exists or not. The odd thing is, I get the adactions from initplayerlocal.sqf but nothing happens when I use it, no message. the hint "init pl started" from initplayerlocal.sqf I do see. Nothing gets set up in the db folder (from createDatabase.sqf).   Am I just setting up the server wrong or calling the code wrong for dedicated? I am lost..     initserver.sqf   initplayerlocal.sqf     createDatabase.sqf   getData.sqf   saveData.sqf   shop.sqf     I would greatly appreciate any help;)   cheers VD