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[MP] [CO 11] CSAR Jolly Green 28

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Old favorite from A2 that I've ported for A3 a long time ago already. People on Steam's Workshop seem to like it so I thought I'd share it here as well.


Mission Overview

A UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Jolly Green 28) was forced to land in enemy territory due to being damaged by ground fire. The JFC decided there was no time for a TRAP mission, so they have ordered a CSAR instead. Enemy forces are very likely to search for the crash site.



CSAR: Your mission is a Combat Search and Rescue. Jolly Green 28 went down, at a location we haven't been able to confirm yet. Your task is to pick them up once they are located or they are able to radio in an extraction zone.

Crash survivors: Your mission is to Escape and Evade (EE) the enemy, find an extraction zone and contact base with the location of it.



  • Crash site and enemies are random.
  • Meant to be played with the least amount of UI cheating as possible (server settings). Obviously GPS would ruin the fun etc.
  • There is no predefined extraction zone for the players need to find.
  • You need at least one player in both groups to play this mission.



Direct download

Steam Workshop



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Awesome mission! We play it whenever player count allows. Each attempt is different, intense and challenging.

Here's another video of a thrilling attempt at it:


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going to test this out tonight and hopefully this is used for our Weekly Event this Satnite,  ;)

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