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[CO06] Roadblock Duty -- (another) remake of an ArmA 2 classic

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I've ported the original Roadblock Duty by Reezo to ArmA 3. Because I loved playing the original version with my friends and the one of PFC Burnes just didn't cut it (sorry). So after all these years I decided to just write my own.


My ArmA 3 version can be downloaded here: http://sacha.ligthert.net/ARMA/3/SL_Roadblock_Duty.Takistan.pbo.7z


Required Mods:

Differences between A2 and A3 version:

  • The original A2 version had Ambient Combat, this one doesn't. So there may be a bit less action then you are used to. Suggestions are welcome.
  • The original A2 version had a loud and unmissable warning if a VIED approached the roadblock. This isn't the case any more. Suggestions on how to fix are also welcome.



  • Have some script warn if some IED-vehicle is approaching the checkpoint.
  • Fix the PublicVariables. I suck at them. :-(


Known issues:

  • The debug for the regular player just says "pvHint". I suck at event handlers.
  • The AI driving is wonky. Blame BIS.
  • The win-state doesn't really register somehow. Your mileage may vary.


Credits + Thanks:

  • Reezo, the original author!
  • .kju, AiA TP!
  • Flendurs, ShiftySean, Pek and IRCGhost of my Clan Lowlands Tactical for testing every painful version I could conjure up with me. ( Forgive me)
  • NyteMyre of Tangodown for testing.


You are free to modify this scenario as you wish and redistribute it as you see fit, with the condition you credit me and notify me of a new version (why the latter? Because I am curious) You can download/clone the scenario from: https://bitbucket.org/ligthert/sl_roadblock_duty.takistan/

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If anyone could come up with a method of getting VIEDs working, I'll be sure to worship you.

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