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Object's name not displayed in Ofp

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Hi all,


I've made a my first static object in O2 and basically it is working however the object's name is not displayed when I hover over it in the command view (see attached screenshots). I am sure that the fault is somewhere in my model because I replaced the model of my object with a standard BIS one and then the name is displayed.






Can anyone provide advice what I have to add/remove in my model for the object's displayName to get displayed in Ofp?


My model has

0.2 LOD

View Geometry LOD (with component(s))

Geometry LOD (with component(s))

Fire Geometry LOD  (with component(s))

Land Contact LOD


p3d download for my model

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I slotted the model into one of my existing addons . The name listed in the config appears as expected. The model appears to be fine other than needing a serious amount of mass. :)


Unless it's a terrain issue the problem must be config related.

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Mh that's strange. As I said in my inital post, replacing the model in the config with the BIS fence one ("pytle_BSL") displays the name for me.


What would be a terrain issue?


This is the config I use:

// some basic defines 
#define TEast 0 
#define TWest 1 
#define TGuerrila 2 
#define TCivilian 3 
#define TSideUnknown 4 
#define TEnemy 5 
#define TFriendly 6 
#define TLogic 7 

#define true 1 
#define false 0 

// type scope 
#define private 0 
#define protected 1 
#define public 2 

#define WeaponNoSlot				0
#define WeaponSlotPrimary			1
#define WeaponSlotSecondary			16
#define WeaponSlotItem				256
#define WeaponSlotBinocular			4096
#define WeaponHardMounted			65536 

#define CanSeeRadar 1
#define CanSeeRye 2
#define CanSeeOptics 4
#define CanSeeEar 8
#define CanSeeCompass 16
#define CanSeeRadarC CanSeeRadar+CanSeeCompass
#define CanSeeAll 31

class CfgPatches
	class Foxholes

class cfgModels
   class Default {};
   class Vehicle : Default {};
   class HastyScrape : Vehicle {};

class CfgVehicles
	class All {};
	class Static : All {};
	class Building : Static {};
	class NonStrategic : Building {};
	class Fence: NonStrategic {};
	class FenceWood: Fence {};

	class HastyScrape : FenceWood
		scope = public;
		displayName="Hasty scrape";
		icon = "\Foxhole\HastyScrape.paa";
		side = TCivilian;
		nameSound = "bunker";

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The main difference I can see between your config and the one I tested with your model is the inheriting class. I used class Thing. I remember I was having issues with the object. A sandbag position as it happens. Thing was the only class that seemed to work . So I just used your config and switched to class Thing. I can't say it will be the end to any troubles. But it's worked well for me so far.






What would be a terrain issue?

Terrain isn't really something I have experience with. So I can't elaborate on that. I have on occasion noticed strange behaviour on certain maps. As to why.. I couldn't tell you.

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Thanks. Inheriting from class Thing works for me as well but the AI does not move as close to the object as I would like them to.


I know that all of this was working fine until I made some changes in the model (I am pretty sure not in the config) and then things stopped working as described in the first post  :mellow:


Update: I've sorted it out and the displayName is shown again. I am not entirely sure yet what was causing the problem and am not investigating further at the moment. My suspicion is that the Geometry LOD was not setup properly (non-convex shapes).

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