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Arma 2 Wasteland server - Chernarus - looking for alot of help

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Hi Guys


We played on the TcF wasteland server but something happened it:




We want to start our own server running this and made available to the public.


We have access to servers, so thats not a problem but what we really need is someone to set it up for us.


Am I way off side asking for this person?


We just dont have the time to do it ourselves.


I suppose I want to know how easy/hard is it to get this sandbox setup with proper balance. We played Sa Matras A2 wasteland initially and liked it but then we liked the persistence of TcF's (Spawn back in with gun, money etc) Base building saved for thee days and you could save other stuff, it was really cool.


I dont like A3 wasteland. I find the cars to OP so no one uses the roads much, we like to put road blocks up and it usually meant lads would come back for revenge when we killed them, made for great scraps. 


Anyway. Any help be much appreciated.


Sir Mullo

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