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Taskforce AusCorp - Oceania

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Taskforce AusCorp

TIMEZONE- Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST]

ORIGIN- Australia

DAYS OF OPERATION- Every Saturday 8pm (Required) And Once Or Twice Mid Weekly (Optional Missions)

The AusCorp Mission

AusCorp strives to achieve a realistic and fun environment for all members no matter the situation.

Who are we?

Taskforce AusCorp is an ArmA III community focusing on a realistic but fun approach to the Realism scene. Members of AusCorp are not expected to address senior members by “sir”.

Our unit structure and current strength can be found on the ORBAT.

What do we do?

AusCorp focuses on applying a diverse range of tactics and roles during each operation. AusCorp operates under an Australian Army structure. AusCorp utilizes a custom repository with hand-picked and custom made content. Whether you enjoy assaulting hostile fortifications alongside friendly infantry, flanking hostile fortifications with motorized vehicles or deploying support weapons and engaging contacts from afar, Taskforce AusCorp has a place for you.

With operations custom made each weekend for official missions and optional quick operations during the week, there is plenty to do each week in our community.

AusCorp applies a firm but fun approach to realism. Don’t expect to be shouted at gratuitously by somebody of higher rank than you, however, if the situation requires it, officers will discipline members who are stepping out of line or bringing down the experience other members are having.

How do you become a part?

To become a member of AusCorp and begin your journey in our unit, you must first apply on our Enlistment Page. After applying to join, your application will be moderated by a member of J1 staff. If your application is accepted you will be approached via steam or email to hop on our Teamspeak and begin a short interview. If accepted, you will be given access to our mod repository. After you have downloaded the required content you will be trained in the basics and assigned to a fire team. After you’ve been trained and have a section, the rest of your journey is up to you!


Website: https://www.taskforceauscorp.com

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We have recently undergone a major update switching new content in as well as opening an air regiment for operations.

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We are beggining our new deployment to CLAfghan this weekend.

We have openings in 1 Platoon 3 Section and 2 Platoon 3 Section for leaders and grunts.


Context on this deployment can be found here: http://www.auscorpcompany.com


AusCorp Company is looking to expanding with a mechanized armor division in the near future.

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AusCorp Company is currently looking for Armoured and Mechanized vehicle crewman to increase our active ability with these vehicles in preparation for our upcoming Bornholm deployment.

Please apply to join for this role via - Our Website or hop on our teamspeak and speak to a member of recruitment staff.

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