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Newbie question - folder structure of my addon

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Hi all,

I am tring to create a basic addon that decreases the amount of fatigue by a variable. I have made it in individual missions, but I'd like to make it an addon so I can have it accessible all the time with my group...


I have looked for a guide on how to get this started, but haven't come up with anything. Everything I see is about creating some magical 'p' drive and all this... It seems like it's overly complex for what I'm attempting - I should just be able to script this, correct?


Anyways, I have the following script:


if !(hasInterface) exitWith{};
waitUntil {!isNull(findDisplay 46)};
waitUntil {!isNull player};

//set global variables
missionNamespace setVariable ["OHTC_FatigueMultiplier", 0.3];

_l = 0; //The last fatigue we had
while {true} do {
if(!(isNil "OHTC_FatigueMultiplier") && typeName OHTC_FatigueMultiplier == "SCALAR" && OHTC_FatigueMultiplier >0 0 OHTC_FatigueMultiplier <= 1) then {
//The current fatigue of the player
_c = getfatigue player;

//The default increase: ie: difference between what we have now, and what we had last time we ran
_di = _c - _l;

//The NEW increase in fatigue would be the percentage we request of the default increase
_ni = _di - (_di * OHTC_FatigueMultiplier);

//Assuming we've gone up: let's set the fatigue to the new value;
if(_ni > 0) then {
player setFatigue _c - _ni;

systemChat format ["Last: %1, Current: %2, Default Inc: %3, Multiplier: %4, New Inc: %5, Final Fatigue: %6", _l, _c, _di, OHTC_FatigueMultiplier, _ni, getfatigue player];

//Now we set our last historical value to our modified value
_l = getfatigue player;

sleep 1;

And I want it as a mod. I've taken apart a couple mods with Elitness, but I'm not understanding how to piece one together myself.


I have folder in my arma directory called "@OHTCfatigueMultiplier".

Inside this folder I have another folder called "addons"

Inside the addons folder I have a script - init.sqf - that contains the above script.


What else am I missing, please?


Thank you

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You need a config.cpp (don't ask me how to write this to execute your script, I've no idea) as well as the script itself all packed in a .PBO

Simply having the script in a mod folder wont do anything.


EDIT: Although, you could just pbo the script and then execute it in every mission by just pathing to the pbo/script and do it that way.

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