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Respawn with same weapons at death?

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What script do I have to add/modify to have all players respawn with the gear they had on them at time of death?



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This Is All You Have To Do Man


First step create a folder in your mission called scripts

inside that file create a .sqf named in loadout.sqf


inside loadout.sqf paste this 

//Created By Cross Fire

//Save Load Out Script

hint "Loadout Saved";

while {true} do {

waitUntil {!alive player};

_myWeapons = weapons player;
_myMagazines = magazines player;
_myVest = vest player;
_myBackpack = backpack player;
_myBackpackitems = backpackItems player;
_myVestitems = vestItems player;
_myUniform = uniform player;
_myHeadgear = headgear player;
_myWeaponItems = primaryWeaponItems player;

waitUntil {alive player};

_p = player;
removeAllItems _p;
removeAllWeapons _p;
removeUniform _p;
removeVest _p;
removeBackpack _p;
removeHeadgear _p;

_p addUniform _myUniform;
_p addHeadgear _myHeadgear;
_p addBackpack _myBackpack;
_p addVest _myVest;
{_p addMagazine _x} forEach _myMagazines;
{_p addWeapon _x} forEach _myWeapons;
{_p addItemToBackpack _x} forEach _myBackpackitems;
{_p addItemToVest _x} forEach _myVestitems;
{_p addPrimaryWeaponItem _x} forEach _myweaponItems;
hint "Loadout Restored";


next step go to your init.sqf and paste the following execute command

Place This In Your init.sqf

//Load Out Script Initialization 
 0 = [] execvm "scripts\loadout.sqf";

Thats all your have to do hope this helped if not then just reply back.

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Ok the issue is the way your server is set up it not gonna save the gear with this script you would have to have a database set up or another script.

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