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Lesh's Towing Mod 1.0 (2018-06-16)

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Hello, I'm SUNDRYH, the addon test staff of South Korean arma group 'Kimchi Guys'. I'm very impressed by quality of your addon. 

anyway... We want to fix some of your add-on.
Because it is in order to match our group server environment.
I want to ask if permission is possible.
1. We want Towing to other vehicles besides UGV.
2. Add Towing list
3. Towing an RHS airplane explodes with collision.
4. We want to adjust the vehicle speed limit during towing.
Here are the reasons we need to make changes.

reply here or sundryh@naver.com. have a good day!

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On 12/8/2015 at 8:57 AM, leshrack said:

Funny thing is. If you went ahead and for example configured a static object to be towable and configured for example the pickup truck to be able to tow it would work just fine *wink wink*. (currently the towable object has to have at least one of the following base classes for it to work though "Air", "LandVehicle", "Ship", "thingX", if you feel like there is an object that doesn't have a base class that is in this set let me know and i'll see about adding it in a future version).


I already did experiments with the mobile landing platform that was added in the helo dlc in order to add support to choppers that have skids instead of wheels but i need a way to tie down the chopper (or any other object on top of the platform) for it to make any sense as they keep sliding off as soon as you start moving.

Could you please share the values used to make this work please ? I can totally deal with attaching the chopper to the platform, but making the platform a towable object is giving me headache. I added the needed values to it, but when trying to tow it, the platform is immediately rotated by 90° and automatically detached. I tried playing around with wheelOffset values, but when changing this value, it only affect the rotation direction (clockwise or counterlockwise) but still refuses to stand still and be gently towed.


EDIT : I might have found the values that you used : https://bitbucket.org/Leshrack/leshtowing/src/master/testconfigs/config.cpp. Can you confirm ? I'll give it a try today or tomorrow.

EDIT2 : I can confirm that there is still this strange problem when trying to tow the landing platform, even with @leshrack values. Anyone having a solution for this ?

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