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So I'm more then likely gonna have to do all this by script. I'm new to the mission making scene. But this is what I would like to do.


*I'm using the Operation Trebuchet mod*


I have 3 pelicans on the Altis runway. Each will carry about 12 ODST's. I also have 2 Falcons, 1 will carry a full load of ODST's and the other myself and another ODST.


  1. ODST troopers load into their Pelicans (About 12 ODST's per Pelican.)
  2. Players to load into their Falcon.
  3. Once players are loaded, all aircraft take off and head to objective.
  4. Once at objective aircraft land and unload troops and return to base.

I can create the insertion and the pelicans returning to base. If the troops are already in the pelican. But not from this start point.


I'm using waypoints right now. But I can't seem to figure it out. The troops load, thats as far as I get.


Video attached for better understanding.


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Reply to here or on the video. Doesn't matter :D Thank you in advance!

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