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ACE3xRHS fragmentation configs

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@arkhir - good to see someone taking initiative rather than expect everything to come directly from the developers of 2 separate mods. GJ mate!

RHS tanks have lots of scripted extras in the damage model, so performance effects are to be expected, especially with novel types of projectiles that their scripts don't know how to recognize.


With the Russian tanks, the mod is probably struggling to decide whether or not the fragments should detonate the ERA.

false. We try to keep the scripted solutions to a minimum. The damage model is config and model based.

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Hello there.

I was wondering if someone could please fill me in on how to install this? I mainly use PlaywithSix, how could I mix this with my other collections? 

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I've used this fix hoping it finally permit to use flashbangs as flashbangs.


But even if a flashbang can kill if exploding too close, or at least cause injuries, all flashbangs still kill instantly like fragmentation grenades.

Too bad  :(


I really like to see flashbangs worked in ACE and RHS for ArmA III, it can permit many good structure cleaning.

Surely in a future update  :)


The flashbang round used with a M203 or M320 underbarrel launcher work nicely.

Sometimes generate a frag explosion like a fragmentation round, but it's the better way to have stunning effect actually, even if I have many kills with that option.

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