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I am not very clued up with the editor. I know some basics and usually get the more difficult stuff done through hours of youtube and forums, It's taking too long and with tedious troubleshooting.

I am willing to pay for someones expertise. I have no idea how long this can take and if I can get an estimate it will make my remuneration more specific. I will pay in either money or I would prefer giving the option to buy game titles for the person who helps me on steam.

If anyone feels up for this, email me @ vdmerwel@mweb.com.na

Storyline and implimentation:

Island is property of a drug lord. Island has no sovereignty. We are locals with no money ganging together to take over the Island, revolution of sorts. We have no or the bare minimum of equipment, rag tag base, no transport...yet. Current regime also not fancy (ak's old and some druganov's maybe some rpg 7' and at select places fortifications/statics). Base is occupied by Player Group and has a few AI defending it located South in Startis, near The Spartan. The idea is to slowly "Win" the campaign by killing and taking over certain people places and the fortifying with new recruits. Everything should be variable. It's supposed to be a hard-core experience so you should spend time on getting food, water and ammunition and guns will be a major problem. Only by looting will we get better guns, vehicles, equipment and ammunition. So we start with basically nothing, dumb clothes, some food at the base that wont last and a few pistols/revolvers and even less ammunition. Maybe some guy got his grandfather's old hunting rifle, 3 bullets and no optics. So it will be progressive in a sense. If we take out the only helicopter on the Island it's gone or if we steal it we will have limited fuel for it(also to be obtained), can't fix it(maybe) and when ammo is spent(if it is fighting helicopter) that is it(unless we find ammo for it somewhere else). If we accomplish a mission and the "front line" shifts North. All enemy forces will retreat and take up new positions. Civilians will be around. There will also be 1 or 2 missions where the enemy counter attacks and the front line may shift South again if we fail or die. Most missions will have no or limited re-spawning. Drug lord may get stronger and new forces as progress is made. Maybe later he employs the services of a specialist mercenary force to guard a place or attack us with them. Enemy sometimes sends reinforcements to AO. Enemy should surrender if numbers are low or certain someone is killed etc. Missions accomplished almost always only after RTB and certain parameters are met(that was killed of blown up or done). All this will not need to be carried over to next session - rather next may be created from scratch with recorded data from previous mission. So basically edit values and items upon next mission, like fuel reserves, ietms at base etc.

Must have Mods but not limited to:
MASSI stuff

Scope and Highlights:
- Will be a campaign consisting out of 10+ missions 
- Map Stratis
- MP Coop 8 
- Possible slots for players to enter opposing force and help AI in certain missions.
- Will be survival elements involved (Food,Water) Food to be obtained, bought and scavenged, fished.
- Fuel limited (no gas stations) only stockpiled and some places. Can stockpile fuel at base in a big tank. Use jerrycans, spare wheels etc.
- If you die you die and if a team mate does not take your items back to base and put them somewhere within they will not be at the base the next mission and you will spawn vanilla again. So basically all resources/items/vehicles etc must be noted for next mission and thus adjusted for the next mission. So if we find a static and transport it (somehow) to base we could put it there with an AI(if we have left) to man it/or empty in case enemy do a counter offensive).
- Amount of AI available will depend on losses and random recruitment amount during missions.
- A lot of randomness involved. If we have a real bad break. Fish don't bite, we can't find food, water is scarce and only at enemy and they are too strong, ammo is out. We got crushed in their offensive, we got 0 recruits the last mission, fuel is gone and all is lost. but if we get a lucky draw, food/water and fuel won't be a problem, there might be a night vision for one or two guys, some fancy guns, kit and equipment. Statics at the base and assault vehicle and even one helicopter and 20 AI's patrolling and manning our base - maybe even supporting the next offensive. 
- Custom Signs and stuff at the base.
- Will need to raid on first mission to get possibility of radios and better guns and equipment - only ai with radios that spot us can call reinforcements, and they are few and far between. Then the reaction time for unprofessional guys will also be enough and random. 
- No specialist roles, but stuff takes a long time to do - like repairing(if possible) and refueling. Medical system takes long. Could take e.g 5 minutes to heal someone very injured. Full healing at base only etc. I know a lot is covered of this by ACE3 but the time is not. Rearming vehicles only by having the physical ammo boxes or something.

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