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Join the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment ArmA III Milsim Unit

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Introduction To The 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment



Evening, morning, afternoon ladies and gents! I am posting on behalf of my unit, The 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment. We are a newly formed unit who have a lot to offer anyone who may be interested in joining! We strive to produce a realistic, however, fun and friendly environment while on operations and deployments. We conduct operations as closely to British Army standards. With extensive knowledge of the British Armed Forces the operations we conduct are of a high standard. aswel as thoroughly planned out. In addition to this i would like to point out that out operations we carry out are as a result of what happened in the previous operation to emulate a level of a story line which can create many memories for the future! We host other events out with ArmA to help create a sense of community and bring members together to create string friendship and relations with each other.


We are in the process of making an ALiVE server which will be running 24/7 so that all of our members can hop on and do a patrol when they want. This will allow us to make sure that our unit is just as active as our members.


We do not have set age limit however if you do your interview or you sound immature or even worse, act immature your interview will be terminated and so will your chance to join the unit. Legally however we cannot accept members any younger than 14.



Training for Infantry

If you join, all members must go through and pass a phase one training course lasting roughly 3 nights. This covers everything you would need to know to be a basic standard rifleman. On completion of your Phase One you will then go on to your desired role training (Phase Two) this is where you carry out the training for that role. All training is carried out from firsthand experience.


Training For Pilots and Air Crewmen

Due to the fact that being a grunt on the ground and being a fly boy is completely different means that both training regimes are completely different. We have 2 different flying courses from either fixed wing or rotary wing. All from first hand flying experience.


Our Server List

24/7 Invade and Annex (55 slots)

Training Server <> Closed unit only server (60 slots)

Operations Server <> Closed unit only server (60 slots)


We use the exact same ranking structure as both the British Army and Royal Air Force. Also the way people get promoted is through availability of that rank and the ability to lead.


We carry out our operations on a Sunday and Tuesday night. We do it on these nights so that people's social life are not affected. We all like to go to the pub on a Friday/Saturday night you're not the only one.


What Mods Do You Use?

We have a custom modpack which is comprised of all our equipment. This can be fetched from our private repository once you have passed the recruitment process.



How To Join?

To join all you need to do is head along to our Teamspeak where one of our Recruitment and Training team will get a quick interview with you and then depending on if you want to become a infantry man then after that you need to download our mods and the turn up to our training sessions which will be at a set date. However if you want to become a pilot then you need to do a flight assessment after which you may or may not be approved to go through the training programme.




If you would like to join hop along to our Teamspeak!



Website: Currently under development.

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