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So, I'm new to editing and I've mostly been working with mission making and basic scripts. My mission starts as more of recon stealth op where they would never carry a launcher and a pistol would be underpowered. I've found an smg in a mod pack that is in the secondary slot but for now I'd like to stick with vanilla weapons so I can make a fairly clean mission with out a lot of mod dependencies. My hope is that by using the vanilla weapons I won't have to add items that would force players to use a specific mod set. I prefer that they would be free to use what ever weapon packs they want.

I guess my question is can I configure the vermin and other smgs to be a secondary weapon instead of a primary? If I were to figure out how to do this? (assuming it is possible) would this create a dependency and would it still be able to use all of its regular attachments and magazines.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations or advice.

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