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So I'm trying to make survival mission for me and my friends and I want empty vehicles to spawn randomly along the roads, mainly civ vehicles but also a few military ones.


I've tried to search around but I suck at searching for arma editing stuff, I don't know why xD


I ofcourse want it to be as nice on the fps as possible, aka only spawn vehicles close to the player, maybe 2.5km away?

I know that you can use "createVehicle" and how to make it choose a vehicle randomly from an array but I don't know how to make them spawn along the road in a good fashion.



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Place a soldier on the map and name him blue 1


Place a trigger on the map. Set it so that blu1e will fire the trigger.


Place a small item on the map like a watch.Name it watch1. Make it invisible.


Place it in such a way that it starts at a random location every time. You might set it's radius to say 300 meters and or you might use markers to achieve random placement.


Place a car on the map and name it car1.


In the On Act of your trigger type:  car1 setps (getpos watch1)


When the trigger fires the car will be teleported to the watch. From the player's point of view a car appears at random and appears in a random location!.

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