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house markerLights Problem after binarized Map

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I have a hangar Addon with animation for the gates.
I have the Hangar Addon integrated into my map and everything works fine.

Now I have added MarkerLights to Hangar. With renewed integration in the Map animations works only half of the hangars. So if I have 10 identical hangars on the Map works maybe 4 or 5 with animation. The same applies to the markerLights.

The same strange effect there are also other objects (also by other authors) have the markerlights. If I restart the mission is the problem disappeared and everything works. But that can not be right.

Only alone the objects by BIS work all no problem with markerlights.

The config.cpp's for the individual add-ons are in the island tag folders in properly.

Does anyone know the reason for the problem?


Sorry for my bad English.

Greetings S@ndBob





edit: 02.11.2015
problem solved -  Thanks

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